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I don't usually post this time of the day, but I have been quite busy lately and have a hectic couple of weeks coming up so I'm sorry if I do miss a week! Despite that I hope you've all had a wonderful  relaxing weekend! What did you guys get up to? :) 

This week I wanted to share one of my favourite recent purchases: the classic black pump. These are a must have in any girl's wardrobe. It may not really be anything special, but I've been really inspired by Rachel Zane's style, which is quite fitting considering Season 5 is starting in a couple of days!! I just love how elegant and sophisticated these heels can make an outfit. 

I bought these for under £10 (HERE) - I would definitely recommend double checking the size guide at the bottom of the page before you buy them as they may not be the usual sizing. Also from my experience, the product doesn't come within the estimated delivery time, but will be delievered around 30 days from date of purchase. These do take a little bit of practice walking in, but they are so gorgeous! Hence my many picture - I hope you guys don't mind :p

I hope you enjoyed this little post! What do you think of these? What shoes are a staple in your wardrobe? 

Have a fantastic week! Take care and speak soon. 

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Sunday, 18 January 2015

Chiffon Backless Blouse | lifeasapetite outfit #21


I hope you've all had a wonderful weekend! 

It's pretty chilly outside right? Take care and stay warm, especially those experiencing snow! This is probably going to sound a little strange, but I am so glad that it isn't snowing in London, just because everything would come to a stand still. I mean it will be a bonus to have the day off work etc but with it being quite a busy time of the year it would be annoying to not be able to get certain things done. 

Sorry for being slightly off topic ahaha, this week I am sharing another smart casual outfit idea. As you may know I have a little obssession with cut out back clothes, and this top is the latest addition to my collection.

Smart Casual Outfit Ideas (lifeasapetite)
Smart Casual Outfit Ideas
White Split Back T-shirt
This is just another great way to show a bit of skin without being too revealing. The same goes for the cut out sleeves, plus it makes the top a lot more interesting. The other thing I loved about this top was it being chiffon. Probably quite a strange thing to like, but I really like the material as it is just so feminine and floaty haha. The problem with the split back is that it means tucking in isn't really a great option. But then again it isn't really that much of a huge issue. You may be able to see from the first picture that I've actually tucked in the front part of the top.

Rhinestone Spike Necklace lifeasapetite
I prefer to keep accessories and outfits in general quite simple and this is no exception. I paired it with my trusty black clutch (which I also paired HERE), black jeans and my crazy high boots. Interesting fact: these boots actually featured in my very first outfit post which you can read about HERE if you would like :) Pairing these boots with black jeans also gives the illusion (and makes me feel) of being taller as well. I finished this look with a rather cool necklace. I have been loving more 'edgy' fashion if this can be described as so and wanted a spikey necklace. But as I love my glitter and sparkles, rhinestones was a must. I snapped this beauty up for £3.99 - bargain or what! :)

Spike Necklace: Ebay // HERE
Split Sleeve Top: Sheinside // Black or Amazon
Suede Heeled Boots: Boohoo
Zipped Clutch:  Forever 21
Zipped Pocket Jeans: River Island

I hope you enjoyed reading this outfit post! What's your favourite fashion obssession at the moment? Are you a big snow person?

Have a lovely evening, and have a fantastic week - stay warm!
Take care and speak soon. 

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Sunday, 11 January 2015

The Strand Dining Rooms Review


First of all HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hope you all had a wonderful time celebrating and welcoming the new year! This week I am sharing with you a bargain dining offer at the Strand Dining Rooms: a 3 course meal & a glass of champagne for £25 per person!

The Strand Dining Rooms Review - Champagne

It is always a treat to go to places like these, but especially when they have an offer on. J actually receives alerts about these kinds of offers through Bookatable so when this came through we were quite excited for it. I would definitely recommend signing up to their alerts (and other websites like Opentable or but being quick off the mark is definitely needed here as a lot of the offers get booked up quite fast. 

Neither of us had heard of this restaurant and actually found out that it has only been open for around 6 months. It is such a convenient little restaurant as it is so close to Trafalgar Square and across the road from Charing Cross Tube station. 

The Strand Dining Rooms Review - Life as a Petite
The Strand Dining Rooms Review - Life as a Petite
The Strand Dining Rooms Review - Life as a Petite

We actually arrived a little bit early but there were no problems with that, and were able to go straight to our table. We felt very welcomed and the staff were extremely friendly. I really like the interior decorating. I found it rather classy, chic and very well spaced out - the perfect ambience for a lovely romantic meal. We sat in one of the booths which had extremely comfortable sofas. 

The Strand Dining Rooms Review - 3 courses & a glass of champagne £25 per person
The Strand Dining Rooms Review - Slow Cooked Pork Belly
Slow Cooked Pork Belly
The Strand Dining Rooms Review - Whiskey Cured Salmon
Whiskey Cured Salmon
The Strand Dining Rooms Review - Steak
Sirloin of Dedham Vale Beef 
The Strand Dining Rooms Review - Steak
Baked Vanilla Cheese Cake
There was the choice of either a cocktail or a glass of champagne, and went for the champagne which was really lovely.

Both J and I were so impressed with the high quality of the food. For the starter I ordered the Belly Pork which gave an incredible fusion of savoury and sweetness. J ordered the Salmon which looked so good! I was so tempted in selecting that as a starter as well but was worried that the whiskey would be too overpowering, but it was not at all. 

We both ordered the same mains and desserts. Whenever steak is on the menu I am usually pretty much sold, and is definitely the course I look forward to the most. Some places, however, can be quite dissappointing, whether the steak be too overcooked or too I was not sure what to expect here. I could not have been more pleasantly surprised. I usually go for medium rare and this steak was cooked to perfection. The seasoning/flavours were just exquisite. So much that you did not need or even want to eat any of the chips or mix any other sauces with it just so you can appreciate the full flavour of the steak.  I probably come across as overexaggerating haha but honestly this steak was so delicious and is making my mouth water whilst typing this. I wish I could tell you what was in the sauce that came with it as that was so tasty as well. The chips were so good and I really liked how they were presented.

Finally the dessert. I am sometimes a bit wary about ordering cheesecakes just because some of them make me feel rather bloated and just do not taste so good. But this cheesecake was just so yummy, as was the sorbet! I just adored the presentation as well.

Overall this was just an extremely enjoyable evening. The food was exquiste and the service throughout the evening was absolutely fantastic. The staff were very attentive and the food did not take too long to come out. This is definitely a restaurant we would go again, as we just had such a great experience. 

I just checked and this offer is available until 29 January 2015 and you can make the booking HERE. Hopefully they will still have spaces left! If any of you do visit The Strand Dining Rooms I hope your experience is as wonderful as ours. I hope this review is helpful, and if you want to read more reviews you can do so on Opentable Reviews and Bookatable Reviews:)

Have any of you heard of The Strand Dining Rooms? Is there any other places in London you would definitely recommend?

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend!
Take care and speak soon. 
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P.S. Do any of you have any tips on taking photos in dim lighting without using the flash? :p


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