Sunday, 30 November 2014

Weather Confusion | lifeasapetite Outfit #18


Have you all had a good week? With recent sales, did any of you do some damage?... I definitely did whoops. But then again I've nearly got all my Christmas shopping done! Feeling very accomplished haha. 

As the weather has been a bit confusing lately, freezing one minute, then really warm and rainy the next, I wanted to share a rainy outfit with you all today :)

Pink Missguided Jumper Dress
I have to say this was a bit of an impulse buy - Missguided had a sale on...and I couldn't resist the temptation...not sure what I'm going to do with it being Cyber Monday tomorrow haha. I love big slouchy jumpers, and this is no exception. It's just so comfy and girly at the same time. I hardly wear these kinds of dresses actually as I always feel too warm in them, but with the weather lately, it's been perfect - cosy but not too toasty. Also as a petite, this jumper dress isn't too short which is always a bonus.  
Lace Button Back Peter Pan Collar Top
Lace Button Back Peter Pan Collar Top
I am really liking peter pan collared tops at the moment, and lately got my hands on this pretty lace top. I not only really like the lace detailing, but also really like how it's a button back top. Although this top is a bit strange in that it is slightly see through at the front, I'd never just wear it like that - would feel too exposed haha. 
Ashlie Knitted Jumper Dress
I hardly ever wear my wellies actually, just never seem to have a chance to but thought I'd get them out recently. These were actually from Next but they're no longer in stock. I did however find the exact ones from Ebay if any of you are interested :)

Jumper Dress: Missguided // HERE
Blouse: Ebay // HERE
Wellies: Next // HERE

I hope you all enjoyed this little outfit. What are your staple items this winter? And what bargains have you guys picked up lately? :)

 Take care and speak soon!

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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Boohoo Head to Toe | lifeasapetite outfit #17


So it's officially less than a month till Christmas! Yes the Christmas countdown has well and truly started! Thought I'd make a cheeky short and sweet mid-week post as I haven't done a fashion-related one for a good couple of weeks. 

Probably a bit inappropriate for the current weather - it's so cold! But you could always layer these kinds of outfits :) 
Casual Outfit Idea - lifeasapetite
Beige Structured Bag
alma mottled structured day bag

In my last post featuring this bag, Moudy from actually said that this bag looked like a Michael Kors one, which I had never thought of, but come to think of it, it does! I really love MK bags but as a rather careless person, spending so much on such a lovely bag is just a massive nono haha. So I'm very content with this look-a-like. It's more practical for me :p

You may have also noticed that I am featuring a mint piece of clothing, yes I'm back loving mint again haha. I want to concentrate more on the jeans though. They don't look like much, but for a petite like myself they were an absolute find! All petites know how difficult it is to find jeans that fit. I literally do not have a pair where the cuffs aren't rolled up. Although these are still a tiny bit long, I do not need to roll them up at all! Good job these were 'ankle-length' rather than usual length haha. I loved them so much that I also bought these (which are actually indigo) in black. Unfortunately the black ones have sold out (which is crazy thinking it's not that long ago when I bought them).

Hope you all enjoyed this little post. Enjoy the rest of your week, and stay warm!

Take care and speak soon.

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Saturday, 22 November 2014

Warm and Cosy - Cherrie Hub Furniture


I hope you're all well, and have had a fantastic week! We have just over a month until Christmas ahh exciting times! 

As you may know I adore homewares, especially the rustic/shabby chic types, so when the lovely people from Cherrie Hub Furniture contacted me to review one of their items, I was very excited. They are a vintage furniture store based in Cornwall and sell one-off pieces they have upcycled. 

I came across so many fantastic items whilst browsing their website, but as they sell one off pieces so many of those I loved (which was pretty much everything on there haha) had already been sold But I spotted this gorgeous Mango Wood Tray. I just love the four leave clover design, and is definitely a perfect addition to have during the festive period. 

Warm and Cosy
Cherrie Hub Furniture Review
Mango Wood Tray - Cherrie Hub Furniture Review

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Case Happy Review


How are we all today? :)

So when I took these pictures yesterday the sun was shining, and I was walking around in just a t-shirt, which is totally crazy considering it's nearly mid-November! I'm not complaining though as I love the sun. Speaking of the sun, as you probably saw from my more summer appropriate outfit last week (White and Blue) I am missing summer. Following on from that theme I'm sharing with you all today something Ice Cream related. 

I was really kindly sent this phone case to review by the lovely people from Case Happy, who have a variety of cases for Kindles, Ipads, Samsungs etc. As I usually opt for black for my phone cover, I thought I'd choose a more fun looking one - this Ice Cream iPhone 5 case in Hot Pink (HERE). I just think the melting effect, especially at the front, is so cool plus at least gives me an opportunity to have a bit of summer with me. Having said that though, we can all enjoy ice cream whenever right?

This also came with a complimentary screen wipe which is quite handy for me as I don't currently have a screen protector on my phone. As the cover is made up of two parts, you could just have the pink part of the cover on the phone without it falling off, and I must say the effect is pretty awesome. If I am going to pick on something about this product, it would be that once on, the cover can be a little tricky to remove, but it gets easier every time you remove it. So overall, I'm really happy with this product, and with Christmas coming soon, I think these kind of gifts would make perfect and fun stocking gifts :)

I hope you all enjoyed this little review! What kind of cover do you have on your phone at the moment, or do you prefer not having one? 

Also I would love, and appreciate thoughts on my new blogger header :) Is it too much/cluttered/busy?

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

 Take care and speak soon. 

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Saturday, 8 November 2014

White and Blue + Cross The Line | lifeasapetite Outfit #16


I hope you've all had a fantastic week! This week I'm sharing an outfit I just can't get enough of, and  a new fashion inspiration platform, Cross The Line, I was recently introduced to. 

How much I really love this outfit is definitely reflected in the number of photos I have in this post. So I apologise for the various angles of basically the same thing, I just could not stop snapping away. I hope you all like it too :)

White Lace Dress - Life as a Petite
Powder/Light Blue Pointy Heels - Life as a Petite

First, I want to start with these gorgeous heels. As you may know I adore pastel/neutral colours and have been recently loving light blue/powder blue and had this vision in my head of the type of blue heels I wanted. I've mentioned before in my Monochrome Business/Work Outfit post about how much I loved the style of the character Rachel Zane, from Suits, especially her fantastic collection of pointy heels. They just look so chic and classy, and in my mind definitely elongates your legs. So there I was wanting to find a pair of pointy heels in light blue, but in true lifeasapetite style they had to be at a bargain price haha.

Have any of you also been in the position of wanting to recreate this vision you have in your head? Well there I was frantically searching for these light blue pointy heels and did not have any luck for absolutely ages. I'm definitely making it sound more dramatic than it was:p But I had almost given up when I spotted these beauties while browsing on Ebay.

I was so unbelievably excited when the came! I was a tiny bit disappointed though as they were more blue than shown in the pictures on Ebay, but I still really love them, as you can tell from my many photos.
Light Blue Pointy Heels - Life as a Petite
Light Blue Pointy Heels - lifeasapetite
Lace and Chiffon White Dress - Life as a Petite

Next is this white dress which has a lace top half and chiffon skirt. I just love the lace detailing at the top. The lace and v-cut back fuses cute and girly with a hint of sexy at the same time, and definitely makes what otherwise would have been a plain white bandeau dress a lot more interesting. Also, especially for a petite, I feel that the length of the dress is perfect. I bought this from Sheinside but actually found a cheaper version on Amazon which I will link below.
Lace White Dress - Life as a Petite

Outfit Idea: Chiffon White Dress - Life as a PetiteOutfit Idea: Chiffon White Dress - Life as a Petite

Bargain Mint Green Coat and White Dress - Life as a Petite
To complete this outfit, I finished it off with this mint coat (although in all fairness it does look a more blue which is a bonus as it matched my heels!). As you may know I was completely obsessed with mint for a while, with a couple of my posts featuring the colour. A couple of months ago Topshop was selling this amazing mint coat and I was lusting over it so much. Although I really wanted it I just could not bring myself to part with £80/90ish for a coat which, at that price, wasn't even partly made out of wool...Since then I had been searching for a mint coat. A good couple of months (or even half a year or so) went by and I came across this coat while browsing on Missguided. This coat was half the price of the one at Topshop for about £35 which I thought was much more appealing.


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