Sunday, 31 August 2014

Petite Outfit #13 Sandals or Wedges? (Smart Casual/Date)


I'm probably just being a wimp, but I'm definitely feeling the chills now. Although Summer is coming to an end, and with it turning more chilly I'm still going to share with you all an outfit I wore this summer! 

I would also love some advice on which pair of shoes you all think best fits this outfit, or what shoes you would have chosen to pair with this outfit.
Petite Outfit Idea - High Low Skirt (lifeasapetite)

Friday, 22 August 2014

New Start - Bargain Trainers


How are you all? Have a great week? :) It feels more like Autumn rather than Summer at the moment :(

You all know I'm all about the bargains, so in this post I wanted to share the bargain I picked up this week.

I'm trying to start getting into running as it is a great form of exercise, you get to discover cool places, and best of all it's free! But it's always best to have a great pair of trainers to look at but also to motivate you, well that's what I say anyway. I'm not an expert in running or running shoes at all, but I hope these are suitable. They are ridiculously light as well! 

I chose these Nike trainers because I love the colour, but also they're not as pricey as the usual Nike ones which could sell for £90+. These beauties actually have a RRP at £65.00 but I managed to get them for £32.49 excluding delivery, from a website called (HERE). Unfortunately these are out of stock but I've found some other websites that sell these exact trainers but are slightly more expensive: Millet Sports at £49.99 and Zalando at £40.00.  Even if these aren't to your taste,  definitely check them out for others as you might find some other ones you like at fab prices :)

What sort of trainers do you own/buy or recommend? And have you got anything planned for the long weekend?

Have a fantastic weekend. Take care and speak soon! 

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