Sunday, 22 February 2015

Mini New Look Haul


I hope you've all had a wonderful week! I went on a little shopping spree at New Look a couple of days ago. As they offer free delivery for over £45 I ordered a couple of things to try on, but as expected, I had to return more than half of the items. But I wanted to share with you the pieces that I did keep, and really really like. When you guys order things online, do you usually keep all the items ordered?
First up are these gorgeous boots. At £27.99, although I liked these boots I wasn't in such a massive rush to buy them, but when they dropped down to £20.50 I thought to myself, well why not. Although £7.49 isn't a massive drop I guess in my mind it was more like a £10 drop from £30 as I had rounded the figure to the nearest ten:p I'm so glad I got them though because they are such a great price and I think are quite flattering on a petite frame. I have no hope in finding calf length boots that don't 'shorten' my legs so the only kind of boots I can really wear are ankle ones. The heel isn't too high and they aren't too uncomfortable to walk in, although my feet did feel sore after around 5 hours in them. But then again I had made the silly mistake of not breaking them in first... The buckle/plait/stud detailings are also fab additions :)
Next is this monochrome top, although it's nothing too spectacular what attracted me to this top was the slight cut out back. As you know I am a massive cut-out back lover so this was right up my street. I have to say I did um and ah a bit before buying this, because I wasn't sure whether it was worth it for £9.99. But then again as I didn't have a top this colour I thought why not :p 
Finally, these white jeans. I have been searching for white jeans for god knows how long with little success, so when I ordered these I was a bit sceptical and negative that they'd turn out okay. White jeans are always either too long, or too thin (so basically see through) so I've never had any luck. These jeans are not ony not see through, but actualy fit me perfectly without having to roll anything up, which is a miracle! These jeans are actually supposed to be cropped, but because of my petite size, they come perfectly at the ankle. It's a little sad that only cropped jeans fit me but hey I'm not going to complain because they are just great!

Anyway below are the links to the products :) I hope you enjoyed this little haul. What items have you bought recently? Have they been fashion, home, or what other pieces? 

Boots: HERE
Jeans: HERE

 Take care and speak soon.

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Sunday, 15 February 2015

Klenspop - Bunny Color Brown Review


How did you guys spend Valentine's Day? Whether it is with your significant other, friends or family I hope you all had a wonderful day :) This week I'm sharing something a little bit different as I am reviewing Circle Lenses by Klenspop! They are a Korean based lense shop, known domestically as Lenspop but as Klenspop internationally. I've only ever tried one other brand, but they weren't that comfortable so I was excited to be given the chance to review these lenses! All views expressed are my own and honest opinion :)

Circle lenses are a fun way to 'change' your eye colour/size, but it is really important to have proper, comfortable lenses (as I found out the hard way previously). It is better to pay slightly more just to be sure that your eyes won't be harmed, than regret things later. The great thing about Klenspop is that although they have lenses going from $8 a pair, which is about £5, safety and comfort aren't compromised, as I will elaborate further below.

Once I had been in contact with Klenspop regarding this review, the package arrived around 5 business days after which I thought was really efficient considering it was being sent internationally. 
Klenspop Bunny Color Brown ReviewKlenspop Bunny Color Brown Review

I really like the fact that they come with this manual, and you can for more guidance on how to wear contacts HERE. As I mentioned above, safety should be at the forefront when it comes to the eyes, so it's great that these came with instructions.  I've been wearing normal prescription contacts for a while now so I know how tricky putting contacts in for the first time can be. So, manual like this one is definitely very handy. 
Klenspop Bunny Color Brown Review
Klenspop Brown Circle Lenses Review

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Channelling Rachel Zane | lifeasapetite outfit #22


How are we all? I'm really sorry for the lack of posts, the past couple of weeks have been so crazy but hopefully will calm down within the next week or two. Just thank you so much for being so understanding and patient :) 

As the blog title says, this week I am channelling Rachel Zane. Those who have been reading my blog for a while might know how much I love this character! You only have to go back to last weeks post HERE to see :p For those who might not know, Rachel is a character played by Meghan Markle in the TV series Suits! I would highly recommend watching it, even if it's just for the fashion inspiration. I love Meghan's own style as well but there's just something about the character she plays! The outfits she wears just oozes class and sophisitication in a business context. I find it really difficult to buy work clothes not only because the sizing can be difficult for petites, but also I have to find something that does not make me look as though I had just raided my mum's wardrobe. Before, I wasn't really sure what kind of look I was going for, but now with a style icon I can get inspiration from I wanted to show you my latest outfit.

Rachel Zane Suits Outfit Ideas
Rachel Zane Suits Outfit Inspiration
Meghan Markle Outfit Ideas

To be honest with you, this dress isn't anything that special, apart it not being at an extortionate price. This dress isn't of the material suit dresses are made out of, as it is a cotton/polyster kind of material. If any of you are interested in terms of guidance, I got this dress in a size XS/6 and it fits quite well!

I just think the black criss-cross detailing at the stomach area just helps accentuate or give an illusion of having a waist. Also as you may know, as I am a lover of all things neutral/pastel coloured, I thought I would go for a shade colour outside my usual choice. There was the choice of red (which I will link below) but I thought I wouldn't feel comfortable walking around a business area in a bright red dress. One thing I would say about the dress is that you might want to wear nude coloured underwear as otherwise you might be able to see it through the white material at the top. 

At first glance my bag looks like a Prada Saffiano bag - oh how I wish haha, but actually it's just a one I got from ebay for about £20! I adore the shape of the Prada bags but they're just too expensive. Especially for a person like myself who ruins things really easily, getting such an item, or anything of the sort is just a massive nono. So I was so excited to have found a bag that had a similar shape!

Rachel Zane Suits Outfit
This outfit gives me the perfect chance to wear my new heels! They just finish the look and add the extra bit of class. I could not not (sorry for the double negative haha) insert another picture of these beauties, they're just too gorgeous!! 

Dress: Amazon // HERE (or Red)
Bag: Ebay // HERE
Heels: Ebay // HERE

I hope you enjoyed reading this post! Who's your fashion icon, and why do you like their style?

 Take care and speak soon. 

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