Monday, 30 March 2015

Easter Bunny Tutorial | lifeasapetite


I hope you've all had a fantastic weekend! With Easter soon I thought I would share an Easter themed DIY Tutorial. These little origami Easter bunnies are just an incredibly cute way in decorating your home etc. Of course if you're religious you can't forget the true meaning of Easter but this is just a fun way to get into the spirit of things even if you're not. 
Origami Easter Bunny Tutorial
Origami Easter Bunny Tutorial
Origami/A4 Paper

Saturday, 21 March 2015



So Disney's new Cinderella is out in the UK on 27 March, and I have got to say, I cannot wait! HERE's the trailer if you've not seen it yet. It's not my favourite Disney movie at all, but it can't be argued that the visual effects, colours and songs are just amazing! If I were to select an artist, I wouldn't usually go for Ellie Goulding, but I do love 'My Blood' which is the song played in most trailers. THIS is an amazing live performance by Ellie. I very rarely remember lyrics to a song...they just never seem to stick, so the lyrics to this definitely isn't what captured my love. The instrumental did. I'm definitely affected more by a e.g. a violin part in a song than the singing part, and I've got to say the piano part is just beautiful! It's not dramatic, but it's a subtle and beautiful way bringing emotion to the song.

Enough about the song, as I could go on and on :p So I have been dreaming of having glitter heels long before the trailer came out, but never seemed to find the right ones. I'm very particular with my glitter :p But then when I saw these gorgeous gorgeous silver glitter heels on Missguided I said to myself, those are the ones! At £29.99 though...I wasn't willing to part with that amount of money - talk about being choosy:p But you know I just can't resist a good sale/bargain. These fell in price to £19.99 and I thought okay I need these now or otherwise I won't find anything like them! And guess what...I caved in a snapped them up:p 

Silver Sequin Glitter Pointed Heels
Silver Sequin Glitter Heels
Missguided Glitter Heels
Missguided Sequin Glitter Heels
A simple pair of shoes like these can just brighten and glam up any outfit. They aren't too difficult to walk in but I had to put in a little insole just to make it more comfy. I just love how the glitter sparkles, especially when the sun hits it, and you can definitely tell I love them by the sheer amount of pictures :p I hope you don't mind:p

So, going with the Cinderella theme, these are my Cinderella shoes. They're not glass, but they are sparkly, and also I bet 100 times more comfortable than glass ones :p Actually did you know that the one used in the upcoming film can't be worn?

Glitter Heels: Missguided

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this little post! If any of you are as excited as myself, Disney have announced that there will be a free exhibition from 21 March - 10 April in Leicester Square (HERE for more details). So, are you excited to watch Cinderella, or are you not bothered? Which is your all time favourite Disney movie?

 Have a fab weekend! Take care and speak soon.

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Sunday, 15 March 2015

Arbutus Review + Wicked!


First of all, Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing mothers in the world! Hope you're all spoilt rotten! :) If any of you are still looking for last minute DIY gift ideas, you can click HERE for a paper rose or HERE for other DIY gift ideas. 

Anyway, how is everyone? Did you have a good week? A while back J and I went to Arbutus and watched Wicked. Needless to say Wicked was amazing!! But I wanted to share with you my experience at Arbutus :)

Arbutus Restaurant Review
If you asked me why I like London, one of the many reasons is the variety of restaurants. Granted there are a lot in other cities but London in particular has a lot more to give, and you would expect so given that it is the capital city. J and I are trying out as many restaurants as we can and do so by looking at what deals are on. At the time we were going to the theatre and we saw that Arbutus had a pre-theatre menu for £20.95, and booked via Open Table. Arbutus is a Michelin starred restaurant, so given its reputation and the price, we were in for a treat!  

Arbutus Restaurant Interior

The restaurant is situated in Soho with Soho theatre being the closest - but we were actually going to the Apollo Victoria theatre. They have their pre-theatre menu running from Monday to Saturday 5pm to 6.30pm and change the menu daily. One thing that I really take notice of, apart from the dishes, is a restaurant's interior design, and Arbutus has a lovely design. It is cosy yet modern at the same time and again provides a perfect setting for any date. 

Royalé of Stilton, broccoli velouté, toasted hazelnuts- Arbutus Review
Royalé of Stilton, broccoli velouté, toasted hazelnuts
We both ordered the soup to start. I was having the fish as a my main so didn't want to start with fish as well haha. I'm usually not a huge fan of blue cheese so I was really worried the cheese would be too overpowering. Surprisingly it wasn't that strong which I personally preferred. The fusion of flavours was really interesting and very tasty!

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Red Plaid & White Petite Jeans | lifeasapetite outfit #23


A couple of weeks ago I shared a few of things I bought from New Look (HERE) and here's an outfit post I paired with some of those items :)
Casual Outfit Idea lifeaspaetite
Petite White Cropped Jeans lifeasapetite

In that post I mentioned that these jeans were supposed to be cropped, and I wanted to share with you all a photo of them fitting perfectly - no folding whatsoever!! :p (Please don't mind the folded ankle socks haha). I wanted to buy another pair but they've sold out in my size :( Hopefully they'll restock soon! If any of you are wondering, these jeans are an online exclusive only so if you are a petite like myself, or just want some white cropped jeans I'd definitely go get some :)
Casual Date Outfit Idea - White cropped jeans and red plaid shirt
Red Plaid Shirt and White Jeans lifeasapetite
When I first saw these brown ankle boots, I thought they would look great with either dark denim or white jeans, so when I managed to find some white jeans on New Look I couldn't wait to to wear them together. These kind of of chunky buckled boots are just such a great way add some chic to your outfit without it being too much. 

I could have made this entire look a New Look one, but instead of the grey cut out back top that I had also included in the haul, I wore a plaid red shirt. This is actually the first plaid shirt I've ever owned, well maybe I had some when I was younger but I really can't remember:p My bestie was having a clear out of her wardrobe and said I could have this as it didn't fit her anymore :p 
Asos Brown Cross Body Bag - Life as a Petite

Finally, to match the boots I completed the outfit with this gorgeous cross body bag from Asos. I think the detailing on the bag also matches with the plait/buckle detailing on the boots too. Although it looks pretty small you can actually fit quite a bit in there. I wish the main compartment of the bag had a zip, but that's just a personal preference :) 

Cross Body Bag: ASOS
Cropped Jeans: New Look // HERE
Boots: New Look // HERE
Red Blue Plaid Shirt: Jack Wills

I hope you enjoyed this post! This is a slightly more 'dressed up' casual outfit for me as I usually like going out in converses but it's always good to change things up :) What are your go to casual outfits/must haves?

I hope you have a great week! Take care and speak soon. 

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Sunday, 1 March 2015

Paper Rose Tutorial | lifeasapetite


I hope you've all had a fantastic week. Seeing as though the last time I mentioned this Paper Rose was back in September (DIY Gift Ideas), this post is long over due. I hope you find this tutorial helpful, and with Mother's Day coming up soon this would make a lovely card :)
- A4 Paper/Craft Paper
- Glue
- Scissors
- Paintbrush/Tooth Pick/Cotton Bud
- Glitter/Anything Decorative (Optional)


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