Sunday, 26 April 2015

Lace | lifeasapetite #25


I hope you've all had a fantastic week! The weather has turned quite gloomy in just a couple of days, so this outfit seems a little bit out of place, but when I wore this a couple of days ago the weather was beautiful and so sunny. The other day I even tanned, well half of my arms tanned:p  Anyway I just wanted to share with you all a simple yet girly smart casual outfit :)
White and Blue Dress lifeasapetite
I usually don't go for shift dresses as I feel as though they aren't very flattering on myself. But you know that feeling when something looks good on the model and you think to yourself 'may be I could make it work'? Well I had one of those moments when I saw this dress. The model just looked really pretty in it, and plus I really liked the simplicity of the dress. 

The crochet/lace detailing is just so feminine and the white is just perfect for spring. It's also quite light as well so definitely great for Summer/Spring especially on those (occasional) hot UK days hehe. I actually bought this dress from Amazon but it's out of stock at the moment, but I found a the same one on Sheinside. The one draw back of this dress is that it is slightly see through. Although that can be easily fixed by a skirt liner or some nude shorts/underwear. I read in some of the reviews that this dress is quite short on some, but this wasn't an issue for me. Although if you lifted both hands up really high then it would definitely be too short haha. If any of you were thinking of buying this, for size reference I got a S and am 5 ft and half an inch (that half is very important hehe) - I hope that helps!
White Lace Crochet Sheinide Amazon DressWhite Lace Crochet Sheinide Amazon Dress
I also loved the little button at the back - slightly strange you may think, but I just love the little peep hole it creates. It's just shows that a tiny detailing can go a long way, well at least in my little world anyway haha. 
Spring Summer Lookbook White Dress

Having done two posts on them (Sequin Glitter Heels and Cinderella Inspired Outfits) you can already guess how much I love these glitter heels! As this is such a simple dress, by pairing it with these pointy glitter heels will add a bit of bling, but also jazz it up. Also with loving powder blue because of Cinderella I wanted to pair it with my favourite blue clutch :)
Disney Princess Cinderella Inspired Outfits by Life as a Petite

Finally, as I was wearing those glitter heels, I just wanted to add a bit of bling on the top by  finishing the look of with this cute gem silver statement necklace. It's not too big to overpower the look, as I really wanted this outfit to be all about the dress and shoes. So this necklace keeps thing sparkly and also goes well with the heels. 
Spring Summer Lookbook White Dress

Dress: Sheinside // HERE
Heels: Missguided // HERE
Clutch: New Look // Similar
Necklace: Primark

I hope you all enjoyed this Spring/Summer outfit. If you have a date coming up this kind of outfit would be perfect, it's romantic, girly, and not too much. If you guys were going on something more casual you could always ditch the heels, grab some converses and a biker jacket. To create some shape, simply add a waist belt to cinch it in. Have you tried shift dresses before? Or what's your go to spring/summer dress at the moment?

Enjoy the rest of your day! Take care and speak soon. 

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Friday, 17 April 2015

The Fable Review | lifeasapetite


Wooo it's Friday!! I hope you've all had a fantastic week! I am sharing another foodie adventure today, and this time I enjoyed Steak, Lobster and a glass of Prosecco for £16 at The Fable. I made the booking through Bookatable, HERE, and the offer ends tomorrow! 
The Fable Review by Life as a Petite
Who doesn't like a complimentary glass of bubbly? As you can tell from my photos I'm trying to be all artsy haha, but I do like how they turned out! I've actually never had a drink with a petal in it before, actually I lie, I just remembered that I had a flower in one of my cocktails before :p Either way it's still very pretty :) 
The Fable Review by Life as a Petite
I had been to The Fable before, but only for drinks at night, so it was nice to see what it looked like when it was lighter and less crowded. We were seated on the ground floor, and I have got to say I love the decor! As you may know, I am a sucker for good decor, and this place gets a massive thumbs up from me. The huge windows and high ceilings give such an open and airy feel, which I love, and the cool looking wheels and plants just makes the place look so cosy. The last time I was here, I was on the top floor (I think they have three floors) so couldn't appreciate any of this.
The Fable Bar - The Fable Bar Bar & Restaurant Review by Life as a Petite
You guys may know how much I love candles and cute little home ware items, so I had to take the photo below. Plus I love the little peg on the menus. It is probably very silly but I just love these little touches.
The Fable Bar - The Fable Bar Bar & Restaurant Review by Life as a Petite

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Festival Essentials


So it's quite Coachella mad at the moment, and with the festival season coming up I thought I would share with you my Festival Essentials.

  • Bardot Top: River Island - In my last outfit post (HERE) I mentioned my new found love for bardot styled clothes, so it is no surprise that I have included it here. Any kind of cropped/lace/flowy top is perfect for these kind of events. 
  • Plaid ShirtPull & Bear - Sleeveless Check Shirt - I'm not 100% sure why, but whenever I think of festivals, fringe of course comes up, but also plaid/checked tops. As it will probably be quite hot especially from all the dancing, a sleeveless plaid shirt can be an alternative. 
  • ShortsForever 21 - Southwestern Print Shorts - Shorts are a must at festivals, no question about it. I wouldn't advice going for anything white or pale in colour though, unless you don't mind them getting dirty. Cleaning mud off is such a pain, I have tried it before, and even after several washes, it still wouldn't come off! But then again I didn't treat it straightaway... Anyway, I thought these printed shorts were perfect for the festival season. It is flowy and comes in such a fun and vibrant pattern.
  • KimonoNew Look - Chiffon Aztec Print Kimono - You never know when the weather will take a turn for the worst, so having a long sleeved top, whether it is a hoodie or cardi is always a safe option. This kimono not only has a funky print and will keep you warm, but won't take up too much carrying space. 
  • Lace Shift Dress: Boohoo - Fiona Open Shoulder Lace Woven Shift Dress - If you don't fancy wearing trousers or shorts, another alternative is wearing dresses. I know I mentioned above that you shouldn't wear white, but I do love the design of this Shift Dress by Boohoo. The lace and cut out detailing is perfect for festivals. Also, they actually do this in black so that could remove the worry about it getting dirty.
  • BootsMissguided - Spur Strap Cowboy Boots - I would say boots are a safe bet to wear at festivals, your toes will be safe and also they're going to provide more comfort than flip flops. I wouldn't wear your best pair though as they're most likely going to get ruined really quickly. I love these Missguided boots as the buckle detailing for some reason shouts out festival to me. 
  • Gladiator SandalsDeichmann - Sandals are perfect summer wear and you see them worn a lot at festivals. I would definitely advise investing in some good ones though. Although Primark do some amazing sandal offers, I'm not sure they could withstand endless dancing, or at least your feet will probably end up being quite sore. So getting some sandals that have good support, and also not crazily embellished, is a must, because the gems will probably fall off, and even if not, most likely ruined. 
  • WelliesJoules - Especially in the UK, I would say wellies are a must. They're easy to clean and also just very practical. Again I would highly recommend not wearing your favourite wellies (if you have more than one pair!) because things can get a little muddy very quickly haha. 

  • Floppy HatAsos - Straw Floppy Hat With Coin Trim - The weather is probably going to be pretty decent so you want to wear a hat. Not going to lie, this floppy hat isn't the most practical as it'll probably get knocked off and you might get some angry looks from others if it starts poking others in the eye. But, still it will look awesome! The coin detailing is so pretty and gets you in the festival vibe. 
  • SunglassesAsos - Metal Round Sunglasses - Next, sunnies. These definitely are a must have. You can select the funkiest looking sunnies such as these Asos ones, but they must have UV protection. 
  • Tassel BackpackEbay - As I mentioned above, festivals scream out fringes/tassels, so even if you're not usually a fan, accessorising with this bag will get you into the festival spirit. A bag is a must have to carry all your essentials. I would definitely recommend getting a bag with a zipper though, you don't want things to fall out/easily stolen. 
  • Purse BeltNew Look - Purse Belt - I would say this is a safer alternative to the backpack, and this New Look one doesn't look too ridiculous.
  • NecklaceOasis - Chain And Cord Statement Necklace - If you're wearing a plain white top, or any plain top a statement necklace like this one is a perfect way to style up your outfit. Choosing bright bold or earthy colours would definitely go well in a festival environment. I wouldn't go with something too chunky though, as if you're jumping and dancing around, the last thing you want is to have a black eye caused by your necklace :p
  • Personalised Phone CaseWrappz - Fashion is a fantastic way in showcasing your own personality and individuality, but what about other accessories such as phone cases? Wrappz is an online shop providing personalised phone cases for all kinds of smartphones including HTC, IPhones, Samsungs and Sony Phones. The website is very user friendly and so simple to use. You have the option of personalising your phone case either with text, a single photo or create a collage. You have the option of selecting images from your own photo library, social media platforms or from their own artist gallery if you are stuck on what design to select. The great thing about Wrappz is that the personalisation does not just stop at phone cases, you can also personalise aprons, cushions, wall art and jigsaws, just to name a couple of things. So, if you're feeling creative and would like to design your own thing, whether it be a phone case or glass cutting board, Wrappz have offered all my readers 20% off, using the code "FBFAN20", on any of their products click here. So, why not get into the festival spirit with a festival/music inspired personalised phone case?
  • Collapsible Beer CupRed5 - Pocket Pint - This final thing isn't technically an essential, but I thought it was so fun! These collapsible cups save up so much space, and hopefully will reduce the litter around!

These next items are obvious essentials but often forgotten.

  • Cash
  • PonchoBoutique Camping - Red Retro Arcade - Especially UK festivals you never know when it'll pour, and I thought this was quite a cool poncho:p
  • Tissues
  • External Battery ChargerAmazon - After taking advice from a friend, I bought this external battery, and I have got to say it has been life changing! Okay, that is a total exaggeration but it has been so useful! Realising that you've only got 5% battery and still need to get home using Citymapper (which is an app I think everyone needs to download!) is also really sad. So, an external battery is a must have in every day life. But especially at festivals if you want to take pictures and want your phone to last. The reason why I got this one was, not only because it wasn't too ridiculously priced, but also that it has a torch. which might be quite useful when you're out camping. But then again you'd probably bring a better torch :p Either way it's good to have that option :)
  • Hand Sanitiser
  • Suncream
  • Camping equipment

I hope you enjoyed this post! What are your festival essentials? Are you going to any festivals this year?

Enjoy the rest of your weekend :) Take care and speak soon!

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Disclosure: I will receive a £20 voucher from Wrappz to review one of their products in a separate post. All opinions stated in this blogpost are my own :)

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Disney Cinderella Inspired Outfits | lifeasapetite #24


So I have been Cinderella crazy the past couple of weeks and even went to the Cinderella Exhibition presented by Swarovski. There may still be tickets available if you have a look on Ticketmaster HERE, but I will also be blogging about it soon :) Anyway I wanted to share some Cinderella inspired outfits. This is actually my first Disney inspired or anything inspired kind of post, so I'm really excited!

Of course I would love the gorgeous blue ball gown Lily James wore in the movie, sadly that will never be possible. But as blue is the main colour (and my favourite at the moment) I used that in my outfits. Oh and also those sparkly heels I featured in THIS post. 
Disney Cinderella Inspired Outfits by Life as a Petite
I thought I would share two Disney inspired outfits: one casual/smart casual and a more dressed up one. For the first outfit I wanted to keep it quite simple yet chic, and I find that powder blue or light blue gives that effect without evening doing much. As I wanted to keep the look quite clean and simple, I paired a gorgeous light blue jumper with some New Look white cropped jeans I bought in my latest haul (HERE). 
Disney Cinderella Inspired Outfits by Life as a Petite
Disney Cinderella Inspired Outfits by Life as a PetiteDisney Princess Cinderella Inspired Outfits by Life as a Petite
Disney Princess Cinderella Inspired Outfits by Life as a Petite
With blue being the main colour I paired this outfit with some blue heels and blue clutch which I featured in these posts: Petite in a Maxi? and White and Blue. Although blue is more of a wintery colour, the white jeans brings the whole look back into Spring. Also the various shades of blue I have here make the outfit a lot more interesting and less monotonous. 
Disney Princess Inspired Outfits by Life as a Petite
Finally, no outfit can be called Cinderella Inspired without some sparkles/bling, so I finished the whole look off with this gorgeous statement necklace from Primark. It doesn't make too big a statement, but just enough to stand out and complete the entire look :)
Disney Princess Cinderella Inspired Outfits by Life as a Petite
I am so in love with this next and final look. I love both, but this one definitely makes me feel so princess like.  Blue and white go so well together so I continued with those two colours in my second outfit.

Starting with the top, I took inspiration from the off shoulder style from Lily James' ball gown. I say it's a top but it is actually a dress! Can you tell?:p I folded the dress up so that it wouldn't show at the bottom. I really like bardot styled tops/dresses at the moment and picked this beauty up from Miss Selfridge for £15 down from £35 - bargain! The textured effect on the dress acts as a lovely contrast with the pleated skirt.
Disney Princess Cinderella Inspired Outfits by Life as a PetiteDisney Princess Cinderella Inspired Outfits by Life as a Petite
Disney Princess Cinderella Inspired Outfits by Life as a Petite
I adore this skirt. The colour and the style is just perfect. It doesn't have the big poof-iness the Cinderella ball gown has but the pleats do help flare it out a bit, and it feels so lovely to twirl in. Also, together with the sparkly pointed heels, my legs seem to go on forever! And it's not something I'm going to complain about haha. This is a well kwown tip for all petites, but high waisted skirts/trousers and pointed heels gives the perfect illusion of being taller:)
Disney Princess Cinderella Inspired Outfits by Life as a Petite
Disney Princess Cinderella Inspired Outfits by Life as a Petite

Casual Outfit:
Jumper: Boohoo // HERE
Jeans: New Look // HERE
Heels: Ebay // HERE
Clutch: New Look // Similar
Necklace: Primark

Smart Outfit:
Top (Dress): Miss Selfridge // HERE
Skirt: Sheinside // HERE
Heels: Missguided // HERE
Necklace: Goldsmiths

I hope you enjoyed my first ever Disney inspired outfit post! I guess this could also be a Frozen inspired one as well, but I think you'd probably want a lot more sparkles like Elsa's dress. I had so much fun dressing up and twirling in these outfits :) What would your Disney inspired outfit consist of? 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Take care and speak soon.

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