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Petite Outfit Idea #8 Mint Heaven under £20 (Smart Casual/Date)


I hope you've all been having a great week so far! Unfortunately I am still in exam mode :( Good luck to those still sitting exams as well:)

So a few weeks ago I blogged about a few summer dresses I picked up at fab prices (HERE) and I thought I'd show you how I styled the mint one! I am so in love with the colour as it's so refreshing and perfect for summer. I'm so obsessed that this outfit is ¾ mint... BUT like always, the pieces I am wearing are at bargain prices!! All the mint pieces excluding delivery came at just under £20! :)
Petite Outfit Ideas: Mint Outfit || Life as a Petite
Petite Outfit Ideas: Mint Outfit || Life as a PetitePetite Outfit Ideas: Mint Outfit || Life as a PetitePetite Outfit Ideas: Mint Outfit || Life as a Petite
Most of my outfit posts contain monochrome/pastel/neutral colours. Probably a bit boring for most people, and it is, but I just love those colours so much and I guess it's a 'safe' option for me. I would love to wear bright bold colours but I'm just don't know how to style them and don't think they actually suit my skin colour ;p But I'm determined to venture outside my colour comfort zone. I've actually been getting some inspiration from Van from Fashion 4 Petites who has been writing posts about bold colours and colour blocking. Here's her first post about it: Colour Blocking.

When I bought the mint dress I actually had in mind to pair it with a white cardigan or blazer. Unfortunately I don't have a white blazer/haven't found the perfect one (i.e. at a bargain price and a petite cut;)) but I knew I had this cardigan. I love the ruffles on it because it just adds a bit more to this outfit, and I think it just complements the lace detailing on the dress.
Petite Outfit Ideas: Mint Heels || Life as a Petite
Sorry for the stickers on the bottom of the shoe, I took a photo of them straight out of the box;p
How gorgeous are these shoes?! I love heels! A few months ago I read 'My Petite Story' by Poppy from Miss Everyday Elegance who stated that being a petite provides an excuse for more shoes, and I completely agree. I do have far too many shoes to be honest, esp heels...I need to find more casual shoes! 

Anyway, guess how much these heels are...£5.99! Incredible bargain right?! They are so comfy and so beautiful, and of course mint! I was actually look for mint coloured wedges because they're easier to walk in, but these shoes are just so gorgeous. I love the metallic heel it just makes them a bit more interesting. Unfortunately these shoes are out of stock at the moment, and I can't find any similar:/ But here are a few in blue: Light Blue // Teal // Bright Blue. I'm actually not sure where the shoes are actually from, as the soles say 'Timeless' but the box stated 'ShuBox'. I actually had a look on Shubox and saw some mint shoes (HERE) but they were for £30...
Petite Outfit Ideas: Mint Heels + Mint Necklace || Life as a Petite
I'm not really an accessories person. I wish I was because there are so many amazing pieces and definitely do jazz up any outfit. Day to day I only wear the very first necklace J bought me, a bobble (a must for me!) and a bracelet my sister made me when we were much younger). I hardly ever take these off, especially the bracelet (you can see it in quite a few, if not all of my outfit posts:p) and if I did I would always put them back on when I get home.

But since buying the triangle tiered necklace (HERE) last year, I've been venturing into the world of statement necklaces. As I loved mint so much I wanted to find a minty embellished one. And I found the one pictured for £3.81! Although it did amount to £5.80 including the delivery cost, I thought it was still quite a good price since other similar necklaces could cost over £10... It's just so beautiful and I love it so much :)

Cardigan: Old
Mint Heels: Amazon // HERE (Out of Stock at the moment)
Necklace: Amazon // HERE 
Dress: H&M // HERE
Now this piece of music below is absolutely stunning, it's one of my favourite instrumental pieces. I'd actually completely forgotten about it until it came up on my playlist. The excitement builds up at 2.20 but then my favourite part starts at 2.50. If you have a little bit of time, close your eyes and just have this on loud. It's just so filled with emotion...maybe I'm just weird haha but I really like it and hope you do too! 

Thank you so much for such lovely comments on my last outfit post (HERE), I really appreciate it! 
I hope you enjoyed this mint filled post and would love to hear any bargains you've picked up recently! Also where do you normally buy/recommend buying casual shoes? 

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week :) Take care and speak soon! 
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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Petite Outfit Idea #7 Golden Edged (Smart Casual/Date)


I'm the type of girl who lives in her pyjamas, I have to change right into them whenever I get home! They're just so comfortable and easier to move around in. But I do like to dress up once in a while like any girl :p So I have a little LBD number for you all today. LBDs are a staple item for any girl's wardrobe.

Petite Outfit Ideas: LBD || Life as a Petite

Petite Outfit Ideas: LBD || Life as a Petite

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Summer Dress Bargains #2


The weather has been gorgeous lately, and seems to be staying that way (surprisingly)! This can only mean that summer is just around the corner wooohooo - well until after my exams ;p But I can still day dream about the sun, sea, ice-cream... and also wearing summer clothes!

 I'd been on the hunt for the perfect sundress for a while now and hadn't found any I particularly liked until recently! I managed to go from 0 --> 4 summer/sun dresses within a few days! Okay, that's a little I did pick up a summer crochet dress at a bargain price not that long ago, and which I blogged about here. So, to be precise from 1-->5! Finding dresses that fit a petite frame is already difficult, with the added pressure of finding bargains? I just give myself a headache;p But I thought I'd share my recent summer dress purchases :)

I'll have the direct links below :) I apologise for the creases in the pictures, they were like so when I got them out of my bags.
Petite Outfit Ideas: Petite Summer Dress Bargains || Life as a Petite
Petite Outfit Ideas: Petite Summer Dress Bargains || Life as a Petite
So this first one is from Sheinside. I was a bit dubious about buying from this website because I had been hearing bad things about them...I cannot, however, complain about my experience with them. With it being the first time buying from them, my opinion doesn't really hold much weight but I think first impressions/experiences are really important. 

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Petite Outfit Idea #6 Summer Stripes (Casual)


Did any of you watch Eurovision last night? Unfortunately I only managed to see snippets of it so will have to catch up with it soon! I didn't even realise who the winner was until I saw the news this morning, congratulations to Conchita Wurst :) Eurovision is always controversial but I like it mainly because of Graham Norton's commentary, he just makes me laugh with his sarcasm;p 

So...What has been up with the weather lately?! Sunny one minute, then it's crazy windy and raining the next! Typical unpredictable British weather right there. Despite this craziness I managed to get away with wearing a more summery outfit which I'd like to share with you all today :)

Petite Outfit Ideas: Petite Summer Stripes & Shorts || Life as a Petite

Petite Outfit Ideas: Petite Summer Stripes & Shorts || Life as a PetitePetite Outfit Ideas: Petite Summer Stripes & Shorts || Life as a Petite

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Homeware Wishlist & Stuck on Storage Ideas!


I hope you're all having a wonderful week, and enjoying the glorious weather:) So this weeks post is about one of my (many) loves: homeware. I won't go on about it as I actually blogged about it HERE which includes several adorable homeware ornaments if any of you are interested.

Because he knows how much I love homeware related things, J very sweetly bought me this simple yet beautiful heart storage drawer. One problem though...I'm not too sure what to store in it!! At the moment I'm storing little tealight candles (another one of my obsessions haha) but I feel that I should really use it for something else. So, what do you guys suggest? Jewellery? Any suggestions would be very much appreciated :) 

If any of you are looking for a gift for your girlfriend or girl friend, this will be perfect. Even without putting anything in the drawers, and making it useful, I think it makes a really beautiful standalone home ornament:) 

Below are just a few more snaps of this cute little drawer set, and also the link if any of you are interested :) I've also included a little homeware wish list as well. I'm not entirely sure how other bloggers make their wish lists look so good! What website do you all use to make those wish list collages? :)
Homeware Haul: Heart Drawer || Life as a Petite
Homeware Haul: Heart Drawer || Life as a Petite
Homeware Haul: Heart Drawer || Life as a Petite
Can you tell that I was trying to be all artistic here? ;p
Homeware Haul: Heart Drawer || Life as a Petite

This is from Dunhelm and you can buy it HERE. Its description states vintage, but I'm not sure why. Some of the photos shown on Dunhelm's website makes the drawers look quite yellow which isn't the case. It's a clean, simple white :)


Homeware Haul || Life as a Petite
 1. Roma Oak Shoe Tidy (Next)
2. Hanging String of Hearts for Photos or Notes  (Fields of Blue) 
3. Two Large Storage Jars in White Wood Rack (Fields of Blue) 
4. White Mirror (Nordic House) 
5. Cut Out Metal Wall Clock  (Next)
6. Candy Country Spot Kitchen Canister Collection (Dunhelm)
7. Extra Large Metal Key Hook  (Next)

Homeware Haul || Life as a Petite
8.  Tree Landscape (Next)
9. Cushion Home Sweet Home in Natural Cotton (Fields of Blue)
10. Cream Chenille Trellis Cushion  (Dunhelm)
11. Cottage Home Cushion Cover  (Dunhelm)
12. Isodore Cream Plaster Cut-Out Wall Light (Laura Ashley)
 13. Knitted Heart Cushion (Dunhelm)


Soo whilst having my songs on shuffle this oldie came up, and I've been listening it non stop. Definitely recommend flicking through your music because there are just so many hidden treasures!

Are you as obsessed with homeware as I am? What would be on your wish list? :) 
Also I would love to hear storage suggestions :)

Enjoy the rest of the week, take care and speak soon! 

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Happiness in Long Distance Relationships

Tips on Maintaining Long Distance Relationships || Life as a Petite


I hope you're all having a fantastic week! Can't believe it's May already...For those who have have exams coming up - best of luck!! 

I'm extremely sorry for not posting last Thursday, I've been completely bogged down with work. This week's Co-Lab Thursday topic is HAPPINESS. There are many interpretations on this, so I wanted to focus my interpretation to a post I've been wanting to do for a while: Long Distance Relationships (LDR). 

"Sometimes you have to be apart from people you love, but that doesn't make you love them any less. Sometimes you love them more." —The Last Song, Nicholas Sparks

So what about LDRs? More than half of my relationship with J has been long distance. The distance between us isn't as extensive as compared to those involving different time zones, but nevertheless long distance. LDRs are never easy. Not in the sense that it is a lot of effort, but that it hurts to be away from the one you love for so long. You feel sad when you see other couples walk past, and may sometimes feel lonely. Despite whatever hardships long distance may bring, I have always believed in them. So, it actually really upsets me when people say things like 'Long distance relationships never work out', 'What's the point in them?', 'You'll be cheated on/you will cheat' etc. Particularly for those going from seeing each other every day, to long distance, such comments can be daunting, hurtful, saddening and scary. Yes, LDRs may not work, as with any relationship, but to say they never work before trying? Isn't that a premature assumption?

The worst I feel is when people break up just before they go to University. Their reason? The mere fact of going to University! I'm not saying that every relationship ends just before Uni, there are so many reasons why relationships don't work out, and it so happens to occur before Uni. But a lot of my friends or people I know made this decision just because they were starting a new life....I'll also admit that I understand that Long Distance isn't for everyone, but, as long as circumstances permit, at least give it a go? Especially for those who claim to be each other's everything, and love each other so much. Of course, it may not have been 'real' love, whatever your take on love is. But, for me personally, if you claim to love someone so much, how do you know it's not going to work before you've even tried? If it doesn't work out, then at least you can say you've given it a go. As otherwise, you may be lose someone very precious. Yes, fate could bring you guys back together, but how long would that be? Maybe I'm just being naive? 

Anyway, this post just contains a few things to keep a happy long distance relationship. As I mentioned in THIS post, I'm no love expert and do not claim to be, I'm merely stating my experience :)
(All images are downloaded from Google)
1) Communication
Skype, Phone, Text, Email...just anything. 
Many people have said this, and most will be bored of hearing it, especially as it's common sense. But it is very true. Communication really is key, not just in LDR but in every relationship. But I feel especially in LDR. As you might not have that face to face contact as often, taking time to speak to your OH is essential. Especially if you're starting a new chapter in your life, be it starting University or a new job. New beginnings and adventures are always interesting and exciting, and you will both meet new friends, and be involved in many activities, which is fantastic, and I encourage you to be as involved as possible. You can meet friends for life there. But don't neglect your relationship. If someone stops making the effort, it'll end up with you both not giving the relationship a chance.

In the age where technology is a part of our every day lives, it is impossible, unless you're living on a dessert island or there is no wifi at all, for you to not find a way to speak to your OH. Skype to me, is the best intervention ever, and if I could, I would hug Mr Skype Man. It has been a life saver for J and myself. Being able to see the one you love, even if it is via a social medium, is the second best to actually seeing them. I would really recommend anybody in an LDR to download Skype (here) especially as it is FREE! Even if you don't Skype, just a little text during the day will be fine.

Of course this is a generalisation. If you have a certain way of communicating with your OH, say seeing each other every weekend, but not skyping or texting much during the week, if that works for you, that's completely fine :) Just make some time for your significant other, letting them know you're thinking of them in whatever ways suits you both :)

2) Honesty, Trust and Being Open
It has been said many times that Trust and Honesty are key elements for a happy relationship. Which is very true. And I believe this is truly tested when you're in a LDR, or even you are away from each other for a few days/weeks/months because of holidays, gap years etc. If you don't trust your OH, not only will it strain the relationship, but will strain yourself. You'll be constantly worrying and it'll just make you unhappy. This therefore links to the point about 'Being Open' with each other. If you are having worries, don't be afraid to share them. If he/she didn't text when they said they would have, there might be a valid explanation. Trust them and give them the benefit of the doubt. You should know them well enough :) But never keep any worries to yourself and burry your head in the sand. They won't go away. Until you talk it out, the problems will persist. What you're worrying about might be very trivial or a misunderstanding/misinterpretation, so discussing it with your OH will help dismiss any concerns. Also if there is something seriously wrong, it allows you time to figure out what you want from the relationship. My advice is to not leave it till it's too late. 

3) Schedule 
Take the time out to see one other. Plan when your next visit will be. Whenever I have to leave J, I cry. Although, admittedly, I'm a rather emotional person;p I just hate being apart from him. But what gets me motivated is knowing when I'll next see him :) So rather than moping about when you're by yourself, you can concentrate and do what you have to, knowing that you have seeing your OH to look forward to. 

4) Little Surprise Notes/Letters
Whenever J or myself leave each others, we sometimes leave secret notes for one another. It can be placed on your bedside table, inside of the book you know they would read etc, just to give them a surprise and put a smile on their face. I definitely recommend this as it just gives such a heart warming feeling. Also sending occasionally hand written letters is also an option. Before our exposure to technology everyone communicated via letters, so why not write a letter for a change? Because everyone seems to be emailing or texting, it's always a lovely surprise to have something handwritten. I don't know, it just feels more personal and you can tell that time & effort has been put to write that letter.  However, never expect such things, as this could cause many problems. Appreciate the thoughtfulness and kindness :)

5) Watch TV etc together 
Okay, this one might sound a little strange, but bare with me;p Watching TV, Movies, going on dates are things that most couples do, even friends. So why stop that just because of some distance? You could have dinner dates over Skype, or watch TV at the same time. This is just another way to do 'normal' couple-y things :) Granted this will be more difficult for those living in different time zones. But you could always schedule, compromise and see what works best for you both. 


These are just a few things J and I stick by. At the end of the day, I think the main point in maintaining a happy LDR is knowing what you both want. Knowing that you both want the relationship to work, and therefore doing as much as possible to make sure it works :) For those who are in LDRs or considering going into one, if you believe in what you two have, I say go for it! Don't give up before even trying :) Being in any relationship has its ups and downs. If there are more ups than downs, fight for it, don't let some distance get in the way of someone and something really special. I'm still on this journey, and am still learning. But this experience has given me new found appreciation for J, and I believe helps bring two people closer together. 


The song I've been listening too is a cover of The Neighbourhood's 'Sweater Weather' by Kurt Schneider & Co. I absolutely love the original - the beat...omg so catchy! I've been listening to Kurt's work with Sam Tsui for a good few years, and have loved them from the very beginning! I actually heard Kurt's version before I heard the original of this song, and was instantly hooked. Seriously the guy is far too talented for his own good...can't count how many instruments he can play. Alyson Stoner and Max Schneider (not related to Kurt btw haha) are such talented singers. This is just a fantastic cover, and I would highly recommend you all to take a look at their other work!

Anyway I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Hope it didn't offend anyone :s 
Do you think LDR's work? And if you are, or were in a LDR, what did you do to keep the spark or be happy? :) 
I would really love to hear your thoughts and advice:)

Enjoy the rest of the week everyone! Take care and speak soon! 


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