Sunday, 29 June 2014

Petite Outfit #11 Casual Sunday (Casual)


How has everyone's week been? :) The weather has been absolutely fantastic but I wanted to show you all a little casual Sunday outfit.

alma mottled structured day bag
Usually I would wear t-shirts with jeans or shorts, but I thought I'd spice things up a little bit with a blouse. I got this blouse from Forever21 in Hong Kong, and as they had a buy one get one free sale, I bought this top, and some smart shorts (as seen in THIS post) for $120 which is about £9! As a petite I prefer ¾ length shirts, I'm not sure any of you ladies have a preference too?

Flats have always been 'in' but last year, ballet pumps were very hot. When I first saw them, I was wondering why people were wearing their ballet shoes out:p One of my friends actually had a pair so I asked her where she got them from: Topshop, and if I can recall correctly, they were £18 or so. I thought that was a little steep for some plain flats so found some for much cheaper from New Look. As I got them last year, I don't think they do the same anymore, but I have linked very similar ones below :) 
Casual Outfit Idea
This mint necklace was featured in my 'Mint Heaven for £20 post' HERE and I am still loving it - the colour, how it sparkles, and is just a fab way to lightened up an outfit :)

As you may know, I am a sucker for bargains. I try to either get things on sale or get them at good prices. I have never shopped at A&F or Hollister or Gilly Hicks, just because I find their things far too expensive for what you get...having said that, these jeans I'm wearing are from A&F. But (as a little cheat) J bought them for me whilst he was in America last year. Things there are so much cheaper, and these were on sale for £20!

Finally the bag. I've never really been a handbag sort of person, but since last year I've been slowly getting into them, esp more structured/squared shaped bags, like this one. I actually posted about this in my Boohoo Obssession post:p For any bag, I always try my best to get ones that have a zipper for the main compartment too, which this one does :)

Blouse: Forever21
Jeans: Abercrombie & Fitch // Similar
Bag: Boohoo // Here 
Necklace: Amazon // HERE 
Ballet Pumps: New Look // Similar

I hope you all liked this little outfit - what do you usually wear on Sundays?

My exams are finally over! But I might still be a bit quiet on here for the next few weeks. I've been lucky enough to get an internship but won't have any internet to write up any posts or comments etc (and I don't have 3G :O) :( But I hope you all had a fabulous weekend :) Enjoy the rest of your day and have a great week! 

Take care and speak soon! 

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 Clickable Comment Link

Monday, 23 June 2014

Blog Essentials #1: Clickable Comment Links


I hope you're all well and had a fantastic weekend. This is just a very short, yet quick and easy post on Clickable Comment Links. I've been asked this a few time, and although there are so many tutorials online I thought I'd share it with my readers, so you can all use it :) 

For those who aren't sure what they are, have you seen in someone's comment a clickable link which redirects you to their website/intended webpage? Well that's what a Clickable Link simply is. It's an easy way to direct readers to a webpage you want them to see :)

All you have to do is copy the below (in red) in the comment box:

<a href="{YYY}"> {XXX}</a>

  • In  {YYY} copy your intended web address. For example if I wished to direct readers to MY blog I would insert IMPORTANT NOTE: if you're copying the hyperlink directly, sometimes it may come up with e.g. REMEMBER to insert the extra www.
  • In {XXX} insert the information you would like to show. For example I would put 'Life as a Petite' or 'Latest Post: Back to Front Outfit Post' etc.

So you should end up with something like:

<a href=""> Life as a Petite </a>

There is a lot of controversy surrounding Justin Bieber, and so many people hate 'Baby' BUT I really wanted to share this video below. Again is by the very talented Kurt Hugo Schneider who is playing 'Baby' on the recorder. I strongly recommend watching his musical battle with Jake Bruene HERE. They're so inspirational and it just shows how creative and talented they are :)

I hope this tutorial was easy to follow and that it works. If it doesn't please do drop me a comment below and I'll try my best to help :) 
Are there any other blog essentials you would like to know? 

If any of you were interested in the tea light candle holders, I have more information HERE.

Have a fantastic week everyone, take care and speak soon! 

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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Petite Outfit #10 Back to Front (Smart Casual/Date)


I hope you've all had a fantastic weekend! Sorry for being a bit quiet lately, and for the coming weeks - I've got quite a busy few weeks ahead :( But today I thought I'd share a rather strange outfit.

Petite Outfit Idea: Nude Cami (Life as a Petite)

Petite Outfit Idea - Back to Front || Life as a PetitePetite Outfit Idea - Back to Front || Life as a Petite
Petite Outfit Ideas - Back to Front || Life as a Petite
I say strange because I've actually worn this top back to front. Whaaa? A little weird I know :p But I hope it doesn't look too strange.

Cami's are very popular at the moment and I bought this a while back from Primark for £2.50 - an outfit post is never complete without a good bargain:p Although the original price was £5 I'm not sure I would've bought it if it were, esp for the way I'm wearing it.
Petite Outfit Idea - Back to Front (Primark Cami) || Life as a Petite Petite Outfit Idea - Back to Front (Primark Cami) || Life as a Petite
Front - Back

As you can see the front is quite low cut, which wouldn't really be a problem if it fitted properly etc, but the straps were at a strange position so made the top quite inappropriate - that'll teach me to try things on before buying - but the queues in Primark are horrendously long..

I've added a bit of colour with a dark blue skirt. Although it looks black and is a bit of a cheat, I'm making an effort to move towards other colours :)

Cami: Primark
Clutch: Forever21
Skirt: Yesstyle // Here
Shoes: New Look

The song below is absolutely beautiful, a little twist on the usual Pachelbel's Canon in D.

What do you think of this little outfit? Do any of you do some 'strange' things like wearing tops back to front? Or is it just me:p 

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week :) Take care and speak soon! 

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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Summer Wishlist || Life as a Petite


Hope you're all having a wonderful wonderful week and have had a chance to enjoy the gorgeous weather! 

As part of the Summer 'Closet Swap' campaign ran by (a little bit more about the campaign below) this week I am sharing with you all my summer wishlist. I love reading wishlist posts, but I actually find them quite hard to make. Not just because I'm still unsure which programme to use, but also because my lists are never-ending and ever-growing:p Does anyone else have this same problem?:p

I am a massive pastel lover, I think I've mentioned that too many times, but I just am. I just can't get enough of it! Especially with mint. And my obsession is evident from my wishlist. I did say I'd attempt more bold colours in my previous pastel outfit post (here) didn't I?...Well that might just have to wait because it's not happening any time soon:p Although, I have ventured into looking for floral prints, which a hot trend perfect for this summer! I'm not usually a floral fan as they don't really suit me I don't think. But I'm being a little brave here by choosing this dress (7) mainly because of the pastel colour, chiffon material and cute peter pan collar - my favourite things!

I've seen a lot of people wear dungarees lately and am debating whether to get some. I think they look really cool but am unsure whether they'd be so cool on myself...I'm too worried I'll look silly and look even more childish...In any event it's on my summer wishlist :)

Finally I just wanted to briefly mention the leather jacket (10). I first saw it in one of Zoe from Zoella's vlog and really liked it until I googled how much it was...£358!!! That's crazy! As much as I really like that style there's no way I could or would spend that much. I definitely want a leather jacket similar to this though, minus the huge price tag. If any of you know where best to find bargain leather jackets I'd love to know :)

Petite Outfit Ideas: Summer Wishlist || Life as a Petite

I haven't got much on this list and it's really just a mixture of random things. 

I really need to stop buying shoes as I have far too many...:p But I just fell in love with these wedges whilst browsing Amazon. They are so perfect for summer especially for a petite to give you a little bit of height. I'm actually doing a guest post for Becky from This is Me My Blog for her Petite Series on 'Petite Summer Must Haves' so do keep your eye out on that and her other posts :)

The fairy lights are extremely random and have nothing to do with summer but I just really wanted some star shaped fairy lights so thought I'd add it to my wishlist.
Petite Outfit Ideas: Summer Wishlist || Life as a Petite

Wedges: Amazon //Here 
Statement Necklace: Amazon // Here
Satchel: F&F // Here
Fairylights: Amazon // Here

So are running an interactive 'Closet Swap' campaign where they are looking to hear about your wardrobe changes as we enter into the summer months. Do you get gift cards for birthdays etc to stores that you never shop at? If so, might just be for you as it is a marketplace where you can buy discounted gift cards to your favourite brands, and sell your unused gift cards for cash! I thought it'd be interesting to take part in this campaign as I'd love to see how other bloggers switch to summer mode.

Love Song by Sara Bareilles --> This song for some reason reminds me of summer...even though it has nothing to do with it;p But it's just an amazing song - when I was stressed I used to play this on the piano, it's very therapeutic ;p I'm yet to master how people sing and play at the same brain doesn't work that way, and for those who can I am so jealous:p:) I can't believe this was released 7 years ago...time has flown by so quickly!

I hope you enjoyed this summer wish list - what are you lusting for this summer? :)

Enjoy the rest of your week :D Take care and speak soon! 

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