Sunday, 28 September 2014

Petite Outfit Idea #15 Petite in a Maxi? (Formal)


How are we all doing? I hope you've all had a wonderful wonderful week :)

As a petite a maxi dress probably isn't the first clothing choice you'd go for. But so many petites wear them so so well and look absolutely stunning! It's just all about finish the right cut and shape for you. This week I wanted to share a maxi dress I feel comfortable in. To be honest I was always a bit scared of maxi dresses. Emm...what?? It sounds a little silly but it was just because I was far too worried about it looking ridiculous, drowning me or just looking really strange. So this is actually my first time in wearing a long dress. What do you think? :)

I mean it still doesn't fit totally because it's still way too long, even with humongous heels, but I'm really happy with it - and especially for the price, how could I say no? 

I needed a dress for a formal event, but didn't want to spend too much, as in reality I won't be wearing maxi dress very often. So when I came across this beauty on Missguided which dropped from £44.99 to £17.99 with all the discounts etc, I was very excited. Unfortunately this is currently out of stock, but I've tried to find some similar and have listed them below :)
Petite Outfit Idea: Petite Maxi Dress (Life as a Petite)

Saturday, 20 September 2014

The Other Duckling


How are you all? Hope you've all had a wonderful week :)

As you may know I am a lover of homewares, and am always looking for homeware inspiration to make a home even more cosy. So I was really excited when I was introduced to The Other Duckling. It is seriously the perfect place for every homeware lover with its vintage, shabby chic and retro collections! I was very kindly sent this Vintage Style Blackboard to review.
The Other Duckling Chalk Board | Life as a Petite
The Other Duckling | Life as a Petite
I'm a sucker for good packaging so the light blue tissue paper and 'Best Wishes' card definitely gets a big thumbs up from me. 
The Other Duckling | Life as a Petite

Thursday, 18 September 2014

London Quirks - Missing Boyfriend?!


Yet another well overdue post from sorry everyone! But thank you so much for being patient with me and sticking by :) I really appreciate it! 

But anyway in this post I thought I'd share some quirky things I've been seeing. London is a quirky place but I just found these things pretty interesting/funny.
Now this actually a genuine sign I found near Farringdon Station. I wasn't actually the one who spotted it, J did haha. It just gave me the giggles! I went past Farringdon Station yesterday and sadly the sign has been taken down, but at least we have this picture to remember.
At first I got a shock from this. Some friends and I were waiting to cross the road and got a massive shock when some random guy ran in front of the cars. Thankfully the lights were red. He then just started playing with a diabolo, which I must say he was very good at it. I looked to my right and there were a few other guys doing similar things: one juggling, and another on a unicycle. After their little performance they bowed, which was very sweet of them. I was actually surprised that no one honked their horn haha. 
After seeing the little performance we saw this little party of people riding down the street on this platform. I'm not entirely sure what one of these are, but they seem rather fun, although the people driving behind them were a bit agitated because they were going so slowly :p

I didn't mean to intrude on these love birds, but I  just wanted to take a picture of this large chairs and so happened to take it when they were doing their thing haha. Does anyone know what these chairs are for? The last 3 pictures were actually taken whilst I was walking towards Waterloo Station. Seems as though a lot of interesting things happen/are around tube stations haha.

Finally I've just got to mention this drink! It looks slightly disgusting, but oh my word, it is soooooo delicious! It's a Starbucks Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino. Let's not mention the calories here, but it tastes so good. I can't believe I just found out about it. Definitely my summer recommendation.

How have your summers been? Have you seen anything interesting around where you live/been travelling?

Again thank you so much for reading my posts, and being patient! Nearly towards the end of the busy period so should hopefully have more posts soon. Enjoy the rest of your week!

Take care and speak soon!

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Saturday, 13 September 2014

Petite Outfit Idea #14 Denim Backless Cutout Dress


Hope you've all had a wonderful week :) This is just a really short post, but I just wanted to share with you all an outfit I wore not that long ago.
It's just a simple denim dress with a backless cutout. Just to give the dress (or myself rather) some shape, I added a brown belt, which (unintentionally) matches with the handles of my bag. Just to keep the outfit casual, I paired it with my usual Boohoo Canvas Trainers. Unfortunately, as I bought this dress a while ago, from Topshop, it is no longer available and I couldn't really find any similar dresses. But this is just a little casual outfit inspiration.

I hope you enjoyed this post :) Have you worn denim dresses before, and do you like the denim on denim trend? :)

Have a great weekend everyone! Take care and speak soon. 

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Monday, 8 September 2014

DIY Gift Ideas #5


It's been a while since I've posted something DIY/Craft related, the last time was my DIY Bordered Heart Bracelet Tutorial. So I wanted to share with you a couple of DIY gift ideas which could used for birthdays, anniversaries, decorating the house or whenever really. Everyone loves gifts, and I think it's always lovely to receive something handmade once in a while, be it a card etc. Handmade gifts don't have to be perfect at all, they're just something that has required time and effort, and something from the heart. 
DIY Gift Idea: Origami Paper Butterfly (Life as a Petite)
DIY Gift Idea: Paper Lilies (Life as a Petite)DIY Gift Idea: Paper Flowers (Life as a Petite)
DIY Gift Idea: DIY Birthday Card (Life as a Petite)DIY Gift Idea: Paper Rose (Life as a Petite)

DIY Gift Idea: Origami Rose (Life as a Petite)

So today I share with you all a bottle of paper lilies, origami butterfly, and a handmade card. These aren't unique ideas as everyone has made for example handmade cards I am sure. 

If you would like a tutorial on any of these, the lilies, the butterfly or the rose, do let me know in the comments below. If any of you are interested, I bought the jar from Sainsburys (HERE) for £3.50. You could always use a small coffee jar, wine bottle or similar. 

I hope you all enjoyed this post :) What do you think of handmade gifts? 

Have a fantastic week. Take care and speak soon! 

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