Thursday, 29 August 2013

Hong Kong - Take a step back

For those who know of/have been to Hong Kong, usually a few words come to mind: vibrant, very fast, humid, exciting, great food and a lot of people. Rush hour is insane, if you take any public transport, especially the MTR (which is similar to the Tube in London) it's a guarantee that you'll become a human sandwich, but you can catch one within like 30 seconds! It's basically a city that never sleeps as there's always something going on - late night shopping is awesome.

People in HK are usually known for being self absorbed in that they tend to be seen as living in their own little bubble. Therefore, for those who have never visited HK, and especially come from friendly little cities, they may think that the people are rude. I guess it's because everything happens so quickly and people have a lot on their minds - but I suppose you get that in all cosmopolitan cities.  It does take some getting used to, but the nightlife, shopping, amazing food etc outweighs any of the cons of the city:)

Because nearly everything in HK moves so quickly, and as people usually have pretty full schedules, it's sometimes easy to forget how beautiful the city is. During a usual day you'll probably see a lot of grey because of the skyscrapers, cars, and pollution etc. But if you have the chance to take a step back and breath, you'll see how amazing the place is, as with anywhere.  

Not taking into account of the 'countryside' parts of HK, the sight of green is very rare. But when you do see it, it's extremely pretty. 

It cannot be denied that the night skyscraper lighting in HK is incredible - the coastal view is breathtaking. For those who wish to visit HK, it is a must (especially during Christmas/New Years). I haven't had the chance to take a decent picture of the view of the coastline, so the following will have to do, but I do apologise for the bad quality as they were taken in a moving car:p).

Anyway take care everyone and speak soon :)

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