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DIY Gift Ideas #2: Wrap Bracelet Tutorial (His & Hers)

Learn to make a simple wrap bracelet! You can make them for friends, yourself or even your other half!  Like the Chevron Bracelet (or Anklet) Tutorial I'm extremely sorry if this is really simple or self explanatory! 

Possible Tools:
• Embroidery floss (or equivalent)
• Ruler with Inches 
• Scissors
• Clipboard/Sellotape/Heavy Item
• Glue

Measurements I used:
Five 70 inched strands or Ten 35 Inched strands
Let's get started!

1) Cut your embroidery floss to about 70 inches, and fold it in half. 
I cut 2 blacks, 2 dark blues, 1 light blue, so when you fold it, you would have 10 strands of 35 inches.
This does seem like quite a lot of floss to cut out/use. But this is to ensure that you have a thick enough skeleton for you wrap your bracelet around. You could use more strands if you prefer a thicker bracelet, or fewer strands for a thinner bracelet, it's completely your choice :)
2. Tie the strands together about 3 or 4 inches from the loop. We're leaving this amount of material so we have enough excess to tie the bracelet together once the pattern is complete. Of course, how much excess floss you leave is your preference also :)
3) It's much easier to work on your pattern if everything isn't moving about. So I'd definitely recommend selotaping your floss down.
4) And so the pattern begins! First, make a forward knot with a colour of your choice (here I've started with one strand of dark blue). Please note that this isn't a full forward knot, you're only completing half of a forward knot. If you're not sure how/what is a forward knot, please click here for a tutorial on what is/how to complete a forward knot.
5) Tighten your 'half' forward knot and pull it as close as you can to the very top.
6) Now just simply wrap the same embroidery floss around all the other strands.
7) Make sure that you don't leave any gaps between each wrap, so pull each wrap closer to the previous wrap.
8) Once you have reached your desired length, take your next colour of preference.
9) And again similarly wrap your second colour (here light blue) around all the other strands, including your previous strand (here dark blue).
9a)-c) This is just a method I thought was useful in the beginning to make switching between strands easier. Firstly you selotape down the strand you've finished wrapping (here light blue) and pick up your next coloured strand (here black). Then wrap that second strand (black) over the blue strand, then under all the other stands.
10) Carry on wrapping until desired length.
11) With your last wrapping strand, like step number (4) complete 'half' a forward knot in order to secure the wrap in place.
12) Again pull tightly on that strand.
13) Tie the end, and now you have completed your wrap pattern! Remember to leave some excess :)
14) Whether you follow the next few steps is completely up to you :)
You know how you had left about 3 or 4 inches of material in step (2) use scissors and cut the loop.
15) Then taking one side, I plaited the excess, tied a knot and cut off the excess material.
16) I plaited the other side as well to make the bracelet look more symmetrical.
17) I then went ahead and made an adjustable knot. Please find here a tutorial on how to make the adjustable knot. And then voila you have now completed your wrap bracelet! :)

I hope that was useful, and let me know which pattern is your favourite to make :) Take care and speak soon, and have a fab weekend :)

Take care and speak soon. 

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  1. Oh, that's clever and looks really nice. Your instructions look nice and clear, I must have a go.

    1. thank you so much! Im glad it is! If you do, i'd love to see how they turn out :) x

  2. These look great and are so easy to make, might try it out myself! x

    1. Thank you so much jessica! dooo, it's lots of fun hehe :) x

  3. I remember making these when I was young and at school, I loved doing them don't make why I stopped x


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