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Gift Bow Tutorial || Life as a Petite


Why not add a personal touch to your Christmas gifts this year? Here's a quick tutorial on how to make these cute bows. As seen from my Instagram photo you can also decorate your room etc with them :)

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Possible Tools:
• Wrapping Paper, Tissue Paper, Printing Paper, Origami Paper
• Glue/Double-Sided Tape
• Scissors
• Glitter/Gems/other decorative items
• Ruler


Take a sheet of square paper.
If you are using printing paper, you can follow the steps in my 'Spook things up'
tutorial to create a square piece of paper 
Fold the square piece of paper diagonally in half, and crease
Open the piece of square paper and fold, and crease the opposite side
Lay the piece of paper out, and fold horizontally and vertically
as shown
And you should be left with these creases
Fold your piece of paper diagonally again,
so you have a triangle 
Take the right hand side of the triangle from your point
of view, and open the corner up, and press down
And you should be left with a little square. 
Take one side of the little square and fold it back on itself 
Turn your paper over, and do the same thing on the other side
An alternative method to steps 5-7 would be to just push the pointed
corner in.
You should then be left with the little square.
Fold the tip of square that has no open sides down about 1cm/half an inch.
The bigger this fold, the bigger the centre of
your bow.
Crease quite forcefully
Now open up your paper and you should be left with these crease marks - with a
noticeable square crease in the middle
Following the creases of the square dotted,
you want to pinch at each side of the dotted square
Like so, to make it protrude upwards
Once you've pinched one side, do the same on the remaining
And you should be left with this
Turn the paper over and do the same folds on the other side
Open the piece of paper up and push down on the centre
When you turn the paper around this is what it should look like
with the centre of the bow apparent
Turn the paper back the other side again

You want to cut down the dotted line
but make sure you don't accidentally cut the
centre of the bow
If you wish, you can glue the two flaps down to make
cutting and folding a bit easier. 
This fold need not be perfect
Cut again at the dotted places - this is to your prefernece
Now you have completed the bow!
I hope you found that tutorial useful. Below is just a picture of a number of other bows I made.

Take care and speak soon! 

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  1. Very intricate steps but beautifully made, they look stunning.,

  2. Wow, that looks amazing, I have no patents for things like this X

  3. Thank you for sharing the tutorial. The bows seem much easier to do than I initially thought!



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