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Strictly Finalists 2013


So it's the Strictly Come Dancing Final tomorrow. Am I excited? To give an honest answer, not really. For those who don't know, Strictly is a UK TV show featuring celebrities dancing with professionals who compete for a sparkly trophey, and I've been watching it since the very first series, tuning in every Saturday and Sunday evening. This season though, I haven't been as enthralled by it all. Don't get me wrong I still absolutely love the costumes, music and atmosphere, the contestants do seem very sweet and it would be fantastic to see it live. Although I am no expert in dancing, I feel that the judges have been extremely generous with their scoring from too early on, and from the list of celebrities this year, nobody really stood out for me. 

So how do I feel about the finalists this year?
Natalie Gumede
I think most people would agree that technically, Natalie is the best dancer out of all 4 finalists, but many are annoyed that she has had substantial dancing experience before. Because of her dancing abilities, there is an expectation from her to maintain that high standard. As much as it is unfair that she has previous dancing experience, and natural rhythm and musicality is on her side, it can't be denied that she does come out with technically excellent and precise dances every week. It's expected from her and she doesn't disappoint. 

From the dancing side she definitely is a worthy finalist, which is in a way expected because of her previous training. But for me, I just feel that she isn't enjoying this whole experience as much as everyone else (maybe because of all her injuries and all the criticism etc). If it is about dancing ability Natalie will win, but Strictly is also about the public vote. Natalie is already unable to appeal to the part of the public who favour those who have vastly improved, so she really needs to just let herself go, relax, and just enjoy the experience so that the public warm up to her. 

Sophie Ellis-Bextor 
I think Sophie is very sweet, and it's so lovely to see her slowly coming out of her shell. And, in my opinion, I think out of all 4, she seems the most grateful about the support she's had. However, I don't enjoy her performances as much as the other 3. Despite it being the final, I think she's still quite stiff and looks a bit awkward/uncomfortable when she dances. Her dances just don't seem to have the smoothness as the other finalists. I know that it's sometimes more difficult for a taller person to dance more elegantly, but with the amount of training and time spent with a professional…I don't know…I just expect better finishes and smoothness…But what am I supposed to know I'm no dancing expert;p 

Abbey Clancy
I think Abbey is another contestant that divides the public. Abbey has a tendency to just pout and pose in front of the camera, which isn't very appealing to some of the public. It gives off this fake and not very genuine feel about her. But it can't be denied that she has improved a lot throughout this series, and I love watching her dance esp in Ballroom. Also, from the little training clips we are shown and from It Takes Two, Abbey does seem like a lovely person, that she loves the experience and is genuinely grateful for all the support she has received. 

Susanna Reid 
I really like Susanna, I think it's difficult not to. Her smile is infectious and she's got such a bubbly personality. She just seems so genuine and down to earth - her and Kevin are just a fantastic pair. You can tell they have so much fun too! But, dancing wise she is the weakest out of the 4 finalists. As much as I like Susanna, I really think Patrick should have been in the final from a dancing perspective. I just feel that Susanna's dances a little all over the place - even if they are fun to watch. 

Susanna is the favourite the win Strictly and it's hard to miss the immense public support she has.  If she does win, it won't be because of her dancing, but because of her personality and bubbliness. It is a bit unfortunate that she's currently in the middle of a TV war as her contract with the BBC is coming to an end. If she wins some people will probably say that the BBC have rigged the votes so that she wins, in order to provide her with an incentive to stay...

Who do I want to win?
As with the previous years, the contestants this year have done a fantastic job, and definitely hats off to them for training so hard, suffering from insane bruises and injuries, juggling their jobs and family life and just generally being away from home so much. But I think Abbey deserves to win this year as she has improved the most, and I think Strictly has shown us a different side to her. Having said that though, with the massive support Susanna has, I think she will clinch the title.

I guess we'll just have to wait till tomorrow night.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post - it's probably very similar to ones already out there, but I thought I'd give my own opinion. I'm hoping to post a top 10 list of my past Strictly favourites tomorrow too :)

Anyway take care and speak soon :)

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