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Spook Things Up || DIY Halloween Crafts


So, Halloween is very soon so why not spook things up with some DIY crafty decorations/accessories. These are all very simple and is just a fun way to add a bit more halloween madness to your home our outfit. I actually had to re-upload this as the post went a little strange, but here's a quick and fun tutorial on how to make some Halloween related paper crafts: pumpkin head, pumpkin head hat, ghost and skull.
Possible Tools:
• Origami paper, or
• Coloured Paper of your choice
• Scissors/paper craft knife
• Ruler
• Felt Tips/Marker Pens


1. (You can skip steps 1-7 if you are using origami paper). 
Take your coloured piece of A4 paper, and fold it in half. 
2. Then cut down that fold so you have two A5 sheets.
3) Take one of those A5 sheets. Following the annotations below, bring corner 'C' to 'E'. So you want c-d matching exactly the d-e.
 4. You should then get a trapezium shape. (You can fold down any corner you like, just make sure you  end up with a trapezium shape)
5) Fold down the 'Rectangle' part of your trapezium
6) Cut that excess 'rectangle' off so you're left with a folded triangle. (Cut as closely as possible to the fold).
7) Now you have an origami sheet of paper you can work with. How big you want your pumpkin or any origami depends on the size of your paper. If you wanted, you didn't have to cut your A4 sheet into two separate A5 sheets in step 2) and just went ahead and completed steps 3)-6) on your A4 sheet. It's completely up to you. Another option would be instead of folding, you just simply get measurements to cut out a square shape.
8) Fold one corner of your square to the opposite corner so you have a triangle.
9) Fold your triangle in half so that corner 'a' matches to corner 'b'.
9a) Then you're left with a smaller triangle - inside you should have 2 folded triangles.
10) Take one of the folded triangles
11) And you want to open it up, creating a pocket.
12) Once you've opened it up, press down on the pocket.
13) You should get a square shape. Press down and crease the edges
14) Turn your sheet of paper around with the mini square on the other side.
15-17) And repeat steps 11-13) by creating another mini square with the other unfolded triangle.
18) Turn your paper so that you have the open side facing you
19) Take corner 'a' and match it up to point 'b'
20) Then you should get another mini triangle with it's base touching the centre fold of the square.
21) Take corner 'x' and match it up to corner 'y'.
22) You should now be left with an isosceles triangle 
23-24) Pick up that folded isosceles triangle and move it to the other side. So here, the triangle was on the right side, move it to the left side.
25) Then turn your paper over so that on the left side you have a single fold, and other the right side you have two folds. Take the left hand corner and fold it to the middle to create a triangle. And repeat steps 19-22.
29-30) Now take your second folded isosceles triangle, which was on the left, and fold it down on the right side.
31) Now, from this angle, you should have a small rhombus on top of a square.
32) Open the two sides out.
33-34) Taking the side without any open ends, fold it backwards horizontally.
35) And you should get a diamond shape
36) Now taking the open ended side, repeat step 33 and fold that back horizontally.
37) This a view from the back where both ends are folded down.
38) And this is the view from the front.
39) Now taking either side, fold the two unfolded sides backwards as well. Try to make the folds equal to each other to achieve a more symmetrical shape.
40) So you should now have four folded sides (view from the back)
41) And now your pumpkin head is complete.

1) Take a coloured piece of paper of your preference, and if you're using printing paper, please follow steps 1-6 again in the 'Pumpkin Head Tutorial' above.
2-4) Fold your square paper into half, and the cut down the folded edge, so you're left with 2 rectangles
5-7) Taking one of the rectangles, fold that in half, and again cut along the fold, so you're left with 2 small squares.
8-9) Repeat the same procedure in step 19 of the 'Pumpkin Head Tutorial', so taking the right-hand corner, and fold it in alignment with the middle of the square.
10-12) Repeat on the same side. You now have 2 right angle triangles, and an isosceles triangle (or in other words, one big isosceles and one small). Bring the circled corner down to create a fold between the bases of the two isosceles triangles.
13) Turn your paper so you have the small isosceles triangle at the bottom.
14) Then fold the base of both triangles upwards to create the base of the Pumpkin Hat (you can fold it as much as you want).
15) Now you have finished both the Pumpkin Head and Pumpkin Hat.
Now decorate and draw some scary faces! You can also glue the hat onto the pumpkin head if you wish :)
This step is entirely optional. I just folded the tip of the hat back slightly to give the hat a little bit of a 3D effect.
1-3) For this I've actually used the other rectangular piece we didn't use in step 4 of the 'Pumpkin Hat Tutorial', folded it in half and the cut out two squares. You don't have to do what I did, you can make a square out of A4, A5, A3 paper etc, it totally depends on how big you want your ghost. Just make sure you start with a square piece of paper :)
4-6) Taking the right corner of your square, repeat step 19 of the 'Pumpkin Head Tutorial' on both sides so you are left with a kite shape.
7) Turn your kite upside down, so the small isosceles triangle is at the bottom.
8) Here you can repeat steps 21-22 of the 'Pumpkin Head Tutorial' on both sides, so you have two small Scalene Triangles.

11) Now open one of the scalene triangles.  The most obtuse/biggest angle are the ones in the middle of the rhombus, at points x and y. What we are trying to achieve is to make the biggest angle at point 'z'
12) Do the same on the other side.
13-14) Turn your paper as shown in picture below and then turn it over
15) Now fold the corners in to create a (thin) kite.
16) Do the same thing on the other side.
17) Turn your paper back around.
18-19) And fold the two flaps down, as shown - these will be the hands of the ghost.
20) As shown below fold the top backwards - this will be the head so you can fold it as far back as you like.
22) Turn your paper around so you have the back facing you
23) Take the tail and fold it up so it is perpendicular to the head.
24) Then you can fold the tip of the tail downwards.
25) Then you are done! And are free to draw any face you like!
And onto the final tutorial! And now we will be making the skull.

1) Again make or take another squared piece of coloured/origami paper
2) Proceed with the kite folds.
3) Take the top of the less acute end of the kite
4) And fold that end down, but not touching the base of the two right angle triangles.
5) Take the other end of the kite. 
6) And fold it upwards, this time over lapping the fold in step 4 just slightly.
7) Then bring that fold down to create a sort of step ladder effect.
8) Turn your paper around - you should have a hexagon and a triangle popping out from the bottom.
9-10) Take the end of the triangle as shown in the picture below and fold upwards. Leave a little space between your fold and the base of the hexagon.
11) Bring the end of the triangle down again. This time again, don't align your fold with the base of the hexagon and ensure that your fold is slightly above the base.
12) Then tuck that behind the hexagon.
13) Fold the very tip of the remaining triangle up and tuck it behind the hexagon once more - you have completed the teeth of the skull
Now go ahead and decorate!:)

This is linked up with #CraftyOctober 2014 on The Purple Pumpkin Blog

I hope you all enjoyed that tutorial, and it was okay to follow! Thank you also for all the tips and advice you all gave on how to train puppies in my last post (HERE)

Anyway what are your plans for Halloween/what are your dressing up as?
Enjoy trick-or-treating, or just tucking into some sweets :) 

Take care and speak soon! 

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  1. Aww, these are too cute! I haven't made origami for yeaaaaars! Going to pin this to try out very soon! Thanks so much for sharing on #CraftyOctober! You're welcome to come back all month and add more of your posts! xx

    Ps. just a heads up, the link has got an extra " in it, so it's not working properly x

  2. Oh what fantastic instructions - I have pinned them

  3. Oh Tiny, this would be so much fun to do. I have no decorations up for Halloween at all.

  4. These are brilliant, I am hopeless when it comes to things like this x

  5. Your so clever! I love origami! My old housemate used to love it and we bought her a calendar for Christmas that you ripped out each day and there was an origami to make out of it :)

    Corinne x

  6. Great tutorials! You have worked very hard. Love the skulls.

    Jasmine x
    For a Real Woman - Instagram - Bloglovin

  7. TT this is so cute, unfortunately I am all thumbs :/ but you have done a tremendous job on the tutorial honey. Thx for sharing. How's little fluff ball (Alfie) doing?


  8. Mellissa Williams30 October 2014 at 08:23

    Very effective ideas. Great step by step photos too.

  9. Wow, great step by step photos. You've made it look easy

  10. Chantele Cross-Jones31 October 2014 at 00:34

    Aww very cute! great tutorial too!

  11. These actually look awesome! I am so useless at origami but the step by step photos are so helpful. The pumpkin is my favourite, it has such an evil face!

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  12. Gosh! Envy over your creativity! That's so awesome :) sadly my country doesn't really celebrate Halloween but, trick or treat! Happy Halloween, dear, have a spooky day!!!

  13. This is so cute!
    xx Elle

    New outfit post up on: -Swedish Model and Fashion/Travel blogger in Tokyo

  14. THank you so much, I hope you had an amazing halloween and managed to get some decorations up! :) x

  15. aww thank you! I'm sure you're great, you could always start with a bigger piece of paper :) x

  16. aww corinne that's so kind of you to say! That is such a cool advent calendar might have a look into that haha. Hope you had a good day, and are having a wonderful weekend :) x

  17. thank you very much :) Had a lot of fun making them and drawing the faces haha. Hope youre well! x

  18. Thank you so much Lenya, and youre very welcome :) He's doing great, so energetic and always wants to play. He's growing so quickly though, hopefully will be able to share another post soon :) Hope youre having a fab weekend lovely lady xxx

  19. Thank you very much! I'm glad you liked it :) x

  20. Thank you Michelle, that's very kind of you to say :) x

  21. Haha I had quite a bit of fun drawing those faces :p If you tried it out/want to try let me know how it goes :D Hope you had a great halloween and enjoy the rest of your weekend! x

  22. aww thank you so much lovely! Aww I hope you still had some sweets though :p Enjoy the rest of your weekend :) x

  23. These are such a cute alternative to Halloween decorations, love them.

    Love Tweet xx

  24. Hi this is such a cute idea for Halloween <3 Also great if you are on budget and can't afford to buy decorations. xx

  25. Oh, this is a fabulous tutorial and so what a pity that I'm only just seeing this now that Halloween has been and gone - I would have loved to have given this a go (and created some kind of disaster haha). I hope you're having a fantastic week so far! :)


  26. I wish I had seen this tutorial on Halloween! This is great. I'm going to try it anyway! :)

    Escaping through Ink

  27. This tutorial is amazing :D I'm bookmarking for next year!

    Louise x


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