Sunday, 28 September 2014

Petite Outfit Idea #15 Petite in a Maxi? (Formal)


How are we all doing? I hope you've all had a wonderful wonderful week :)

As a petite a maxi dress probably isn't the first clothing choice you'd go for. But so many petites wear them so so well and look absolutely stunning! It's just all about finish the right cut and shape for you. This week I wanted to share a maxi dress I feel comfortable in. To be honest I was always a bit scared of maxi dresses. Emm...what?? It sounds a little silly but it was just because I was far too worried about it looking ridiculous, drowning me or just looking really strange. So this is actually my first time in wearing a long dress. What do you think? :)

I mean it still doesn't fit totally because it's still way too long, even with humongous heels, but I'm really happy with it - and especially for the price, how could I say no? 

I needed a dress for a formal event, but didn't want to spend too much, as in reality I won't be wearing maxi dress very often. So when I came across this beauty on Missguided which dropped from £44.99 to £17.99 with all the discounts etc, I was very excited. Unfortunately this is currently out of stock, but I've tried to find some similar and have listed them below :)
Petite Outfit Idea: Petite Maxi Dress (Life as a Petite)

I decided to keep my accessories minimal as wearing a maxi dress seemed a lot already. But I really do love this bracelet and necklace, and actually really liked how this photo turned out haha.
Sparkly Belt (Life as a Petite)
The dress came with a white and gold belt, but I wanted to jazz the dress up with a bit more sparkle so opted for this instead :)

Gold Sparkly Clutch (life as a petite)
Pale Pink Platform Wedges (Life as a Petite)
Finally my shoes. What can I say apart from them being very high. I knew I would have to wear high shoes, so I opted for some wedges, and ankle straps for extra protection, so I could walk in them without worrying about falling over. 

Shoes: Amazon // Here
Clutch: Accessorize 
Belt: New Look [Similar]
Dress: Missguided [Also: Coral]
[Similar: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5]

I hope you all enjoyed this post! Where do you all buy your maxis? And if you're a petite, have you or would you wear one? :)

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend!

 Take care and speak soon. 

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  1. I have to agree with Maxi's not often fitting petits well - I am only 4ft11 and have always struggled to find one that actually works but I love yours and the shoes are amazing

    Laura x

  2. Such a pretty dress. Well I am 5ft2 so I am not a giant myself, lol, but I wear maxi's all the time but you already know that, though.
    kisses honey

  3. This is such a beautiful maxi dress! I am short and petite too and I love them. Mind you I own like one because I always find it hard to get one that isn't too long (who has time to take things up?! LOL).

    Lauren xo
    Sophisticated In Style

  4. I love that maxi dress!!

  5. Loving the maxi dress, as a petite lady myself it's a nightmare in summer as I want to wear them but too short :( Great images as well X

  6. gorgeous maxi love the shade perfect outfit x

  7. What a bargain! You great in that maxi dress. I'm petite too, but love maxi dresses. I love them in casual looks with flats. Have a great day!

    Jasmine x

    For a Real Woman - Instagram - Bloglovin

  8. This outfit looks great on you. Im 5'4 so can usually find dresses that aren't too long, but some are like the height of me and would be impossible to wear. I think a maxi is such a great style though, can be casual or formal depending on how you dress it.

    Emma x
    Writing Essays With Wine

  9. Can't go wrong with wedges - ever! Love the bling too x

  10. This outfit is gorgeous, and perfect for a formal occasion, especially with all the bling x

  11. aww thank you so much Laura! I didn't realise you were a petite as well! I think there are some shops that do sell petite/shorter maxis, but they're usually at quite pricey prices:/ I wish there was a dedicated store to us petites haha x

  12. you look amazing in maxi dresses, or in all your outfits haha. Do you know any shops that do good petite maxi dresses? :) xxx

  13. oh my goodness, taking things up is such a much that I can never bother (as you can tell with this dress:p), but it's such a hassle :p Thank you so much for passing by :) hopefully we can both find a maxi dress that will fit is 100% perfectly, even without needing to alter :p x

  14. that's very kind of you to say :) I know what you mean, those wearing maxis dresses in the summer look so effortless and pretty. Maybe we will find some in the future haha:p x

  15. thank you so much jasmine :) you know i love a good bargain ahha :p i wish i could wear the casual looking maxis but they're always too long on me :( have a fab day as well :) x

  16. aww thank you so much emma! completely agree with you, they are so easy to style, it's just the problem of finding one that fits us :( Where do you normally buy your dresses? :) x

  17. haha so true, plus you dont need to worry about getting your heel stuck in the pavement etc :p x

  18. thank you very much :) I do love a little bit of bling hehe x

  19. Sorry TT I don't know any shops, most of the time I don't even buy petite, it's hard to get anyway. If the dress/skirt is too long I wear higher heels. xox

  20. You had no reason to be anxious of wearing a maxi dress - you look wonderful and especially so with the added touch of those jewels :)

    - I follow back on Bloglovin' -


  21. I love your long dress, you look stunning dear! :)
    Have a nice day!

  22. Oooh this is such a gorgeous dress I love it! Fab accessories too! xo

  23. I think it looks really pretty. I love maxi dresses, especially for evening wear, they look elegant.


  24. Thank you so much :) I just wish I could wear them more often without worrying about tripping over etc haha x

  25. That's so kind of you to say Lucia, thank you! Hope you've had a fab day too, and have a great week :) x

  26. aww thank you so much gabrielle, that's so sweet of you to say! I must admit I do love the sparkliness of the accessories hhaa. Hope youre well :) x

  27. I'm petite too & so I've always been a little bit weary of wearing a maxi dress, however you look lovely & have definitely inspired me to give it a go! Thanks for sharing ^__^ Pixee xx

  28. You look really elegant and it's a lovely dress.

  29. You making me miss my maxi dresses which all got stolen from me by my family. I love the shoes x

  30. Wow your dress is gorgeous, you look lovely in it, really suits you. x

  31. Caroline Mentzer28 October 2014 at 16:25

    Wish I'd seen this post before going on my hols - you look stunning and inspired me to revisit the maxi-dress.

  32. Really lovely outfit, the dress is lovely and I also like the bracelet.

  33. xoxkissablebeautyxox29 October 2014 at 15:00

    Oh wow this outfit looks gorgeous together. The bracelet and necklace is stunning. Sparkly things tend to catch my eye more =D

  34. I'm pretty small too - so I feel your pain! This dress looks lovely on you, and I adore the colour.


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