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I hope you've all had a fantastic weekend! With Easter soon I thought I would share an Easter themed DIY Tutorial. These little origami Easter bunnies are just an incredibly cute way in decorating your home etc. Of course if you're religious you can't forget the true meaning of Easter but this is just a fun way to get into the spirit of things even if you're not. 
Origami Easter Bunny Tutorial
Origami Easter Bunny Tutorial
Origami/A4 Paper

1) If you have origami paper you can skip this step. 
All you want to do is to create a square piece of paper. I did this by folding the A4 sheet in half, then folding a corner down to create a triangle. I then cut around the side to get a square.
2) Next I folded the square into half.
The goal in this step is ending up with 7 horizontal lines/folds going across the page as shown by the dotted lines below. 
To achieve those 7 lines, taking the bottom half of the square paper, you fold that half into two, in the direction of the arrow shown below. 
Then do the same fold on the top half (or other half) of the square paper. You should now have 5 folds/lines.
To create the final 2 folds, take the bottom half of the paper again, and fold it up to the second fold from the top. Then you can press down and crease the paper. 
Now you should have your 6th fold.
Do the same on the other side to get the final fold.
3) If you used an A4 sheet like myself, you only have to do part of this next step. 
We need to create two diagonal folds across our square paper but folding it diagonally in half. For A4 users we already have one diagonal fold, so we just need to fold the other side. 
4) Fold the bottom half of the square paper up to the second (from the top) fold.
Then taking the bottom right hand corner you want to create a scalene triangle shape. 
To know where to fold down exactly, you want the 3rd crease from the left on the triangle to match up with your diagonal fold on the square paper, as shown by the arrow. 
Once you have lined that up, then you can press down. You should end up with something like this:
5) Turn the piece of paper over. What we want to do is create the same triangle shape on the other side, but also want to create a flat base for the bunny.
Using the numbering in the picture above, you essentially want, fold 2 to stay in the middle, and for fold1 to be in parallel with fold3. This is achieved by pinching fold 1 and 3 together, and ensuring that fold 2 is pushed upwards like so:
Here you can start to see fold 2 being pushed up.
You should be left with 3 horizontal folds visible and a slightly awkward triangle at the side. 
What you basically want this 'awkward triangle' to do is to match up with the triangle on the other side of the paper. So taking the top corner and matching it up with the top corner on the other side should give you the exact folding. 
Once you've matched it up, you can press down. You may have to play with the front bit to make the creases a bit smoother. 
And this is what the bunny should look like sitting up. 
6) Next, we need to fold backwards the triangle circled below:
To do that, all you have to do is push it into itself:
And you should be left with something like this. You can now see the bunny taking shape.
And this is what it looks like from the front.
7) Lying the bunny flat we want to fold a right angle triangle at the bottom right hand corner. The top horizontal part of the triangle should be in line with the first fold on the bunny's body. 
When you unfold it, you should have a crease like this:
Placing the bunny on it's 'legs' this is what it looks like with the folds from an aerial point of view. 
8) The fold which the arrow is pointing at is 'dipped down', what we want to do is to 'pop it up'.
 All you have to do is push that fold upwards. As you can see the fold is starting to 'pop' up.
And you should have something like this:
9) Next we want to fold inwards like so:
You should be left with a zig zag shape:
Press the whole thing together and lay the bunny on its side.
10) The bunny's bottom (excuse my description here I'm not sure what other word to use:p) at the moment consists of two separate folded parts.
Open up one half like so:
Then you should fold along the crease line to get something like this:
Turn the bunny over and repeat on the other side.
You should end up with something like this. 
11) The next part is a little tricky to explain but I'll try my best :)
Open up the bunny slightly so you can see what was fold 2 in step 5.
You want to take the bottom right hand corner and tuck it into fold 2
Once you've tucked in the corner you can trace your finger along and fold down the rest.
You will come to a little pocket/triangle. What you want to do is flatten that pocket.
It should a line up like this:
Press and create the crease:
This is what the end result should look like:
And when you lay the bunny on its side this is what it should look like:
You then repeat all the steps in step 11 on the other side.
Your bunny should look a little bit like this:
If you stand the bunny up you can see that we have just created the pouch to fill the chocolates in. 
12) Laying the bunny on its side again, we want to fold down the corner (pointed by the black arrow), and the purple arrows shows where the fold should end.
You want to do the same on the other side. This picture actually shows the lines clearer. 
Then you fold it over itself to create something like this: 
You can fold the very front of the nose down once more
You should be left with something like this:
And this is nearly your finished product!
All you have to do now is to stand the bunny up and poof out the pouch we made.
And there we have it a cute little Easter bunny! All that is left is to fill them with delicious treats:) 
Origami Easter Bunny Tutorial
Origami Easter Bunny Tutorial
Origami Easter Rabbit Tutorial
You can make these in different sizes and colours - whatever tickles your fancy really :)
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Paper Bunny Tutorial

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! I hope it's easy enough to follow. If it isn't please drop me an email or a message in the comments below :)  Have a great week everyone and a fantastic Easter! What are your plans?:) 

 Take care and speak soon. 

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  1. oh my they are so sweet may need to try this x

  2. Oh wow these are so cute! I've just got into origami too so I'm definitely going to give these a go! Great post! x

  3. That's so cool! The end result is so cute!! Must give this a go at some point!

  4. This is too cute and such a good idea - I really love the step by step process within this post.
    Sam xx

  5. Hi how are you? This is debonita from Hope you remember me. I love this tutorial. It's so cute I love it. You are so talented. Loved reading this post xx

  6. Thank you for this tutorial and the photos. You worked very hard. I hope you have a wonderful Easter.

    Jasmine xx
    For a Real Woman

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  8. This is so cute! x

  9. Is the little yellow bunny for Fluffy Alfie? I like it, it's so cute, Isabella. You always come up with such adorable ideas, thx for sharing.
    kisses and cuddles

  10. What a fun DIY - and so well explained/illustrated! I'm hoping to get around to do some baking this Easter, perhaps next year I'll get around to doing some craft! :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


  11. These are adorable! And such a good tutorial :)

    Tweet xx

  12. Gabrielle Trenbath31 March 2015 at 03:37

    What a great idea :)

  13. These look so perfect for easter! Brilliant tutorial :)

  14. This looks so cool and what an awesome tutorial! I'm totally going to give this a try x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  15. Oh wow, these are so cute!

    Corinne x

  16. Thank you! If something in the tutorial isn't very clear do let me know and I'll try my best to explain :) x

  17. thank you so much! It's just such a fun way to decorate your home with :) x

  18. Thank you Gabrielle! It means a lot! It would have been so useful to have another pair of hands when taking these pictures - sometimes I think it's probably easier doing a video but I have no idea with the editing etc haha. oooh would love to see what baked goodies you do this year!! Hope you're incorporating some mini eggs :p x

  19. ahah he's grown big he would tower over it :p thank you so much for your lovely comment as always lenya! :) xxx

  20. thank you very much, if you do try it I hope you have as much fun as I did :) x

  21. Thank you so much! Of course, I've just followed you on GFC! You have a lovely blog :) x

  22. Thank you so much Jasmine, I'm glad you liked it! And I'm glad the photos turned out well :) Have a fantastic easter too :) x

  23. Stephanie Merry1 April 2015 at 16:03

    What a great idea, thanks for sharing the tutorial x

  24. Oh these look fab, going to have a go at making these for the kids at the weekend x

  25. Very creative and cute

  26. Thank you so much! I hope you had a fab Easter:) x

  27. Thank you! I hope you managed to have some fun with these and more importantly had a great Easter with your family:) x

  28. Thank you Stephanie! Hope you're enjoying your long weekend x

  29. Thank you so much Debonita, of course I remember you, you always have such impeccable style and always so lovely :) have a great weekend lovely lady xx

  30. Thank you so much, if you did/do next year, i would love to see how they turn out :) x

  31. Thank you so much indra! :) If you try out any new origami projects i would love to see :) x


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