Sunday, 22 September 2013

Tiny London Adventure: first cocktail and lobster experience!


I hope you're all having a wonderful wonderful weekend! Thought I'd share with you all a little of what I got up to. 

A little crazy, but for the whole week I was craving for some Leek & Potato soup. So as it was also feeling a little chilly, but mainly because my mouth was watering like crazy from just thinking about it (haha) and because J makes delicious soups, we decided to make some for dinner. 

We were having a late lunch and drinks later, so decided to make it for dinner - in my opinion, an extremely yummy thing to come home to :) 
(May make courgette and pea soup some time next week..hmmm).
Anyway, for lunch we went to this restaurant that did burgers and lobsters for £20! London prices are insane, but I thought for London and seafood, £20 was pretty good, especially as it was only a once-in-a-while treat :) It was my first time having lobster, and it was really tasty, a bit fiddly but tasty. If you were afraid of getting your clothes messy, you could even have a bib! I didn't wear one, as I thought I'd look silly :p
After lunch we went up the One New Change to take a look at London. The weather had warmed up, the sun was out, and London looked gorgeous. 

Apparently, when One New Change was being built, Prince Charles disapproved of the construction and tried to intervene. I suppose when you're situated right next to the imposing St Paul's Cathedral, any modern building will look quite out of place, and possibly an eye-sore. But I thought the way the windows reflected the Cathedral looked rather pretty. 
It was really lovely walking around St Paul's Churchyard, although I was rather confused by the newly painted blue tree trunks...if anyone could tell me why I would be very interested! haha.
We then headed off to try my very first cocktail! The view was absolutely gorgeous. When I saw the Gherkin though, 'The Apprentice' theme tune kept playing in my head...sad I know haha. 
J had a simple beer and I had a mango and passionfruit mix. It was actually quite nice. As I'd never had anything more than a little sip of alcohol, the sudden strength of alcohol was quite a shock, but don't worry, I was very sensible and sipped it very very slowly so wasn't drunk or tipsy :)
It was lovely to see the sun set in the backdrop. Also thank god the fire was nearby, as it did turn a little chilly. So, overall it was a really wonderful day, and great first experience! But what I was looking forward to most was the soup! And I have to say, it was absolutely perfect, and I can't wait to have some more hehe :) Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone, and take care!


  1. I love the view from the top of One New Change - so good. It sounds like you had a great time.

    1. It's so beautiful isn't it! It's so weird being so close to st paul so high up;p Yes it was amazing, definitely will be going back there :) thank you for passing by lisa :D x


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