Wednesday, 11 September 2013

You'd never have guessed!


With the arrival of Autumn, many are throwing on a lot more knits, so I thought I'd go on a hunt for some comfy knitwear, especially when one of my friends had a really cute owl on one of her jumpers...I have a soft spot for them haha. Although as a petite I find it quite difficult to find knitwear that doesn't make me look even tinier. Anyway I bought this adorable jumper below:

And you'd never guess where I got it from! Primark! The quality is actually quite good, and feels sooo soft that Primark wouldn't have crossed your mind. Granted it was slightly pricey for Primark, but when I spotted it on one of the manikins I fell in love with it straight away. The little penguin just makes me feel excited about Christmas ahhh, which is only 104 days away (a little keen I know, but I can't wait:))!! 

I also bought these shoes from Primark as well.

I don't own any pointy shoes, but I thought these one looked quite nice, although I'm not sure whether they make my feet look a little big ;p Even J, who doesn't like pointy shoes at all really liked these. I'm thinking this would look quite nice with a suit dress...but we'll see:p Anyway I hope you guys have indulged in a little shopping to prepare for the cold ... I'm making it sound far too ominous haha. But yes take care of yourselves and catch you later :)


  1. O_O zomfg that is the most cutest penguin sweater! it looks so comfortable too! and those heels are gorgeous! Maybe I should shop at primark more often!

    xxx ^_^(p.s: sorry I'f im spamming you with my comments!)

    1. I have no idea why i never saw this comment Fabi sorry! But thank you so much! you definitely should pop into primark as they do some pretty great things :) And of course not, i really appreciate it and I'm really glad you enjoy reading what i write :D xxx


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