Sunday, 8 September 2013

DIY Adjustable Knot Tutorial


I hope you're all having a great weekend - the good weather seems to be hanging on which is always lovely during the weekend :)

Here's the tutorial on how to complete the Adjustable Knot (comprising of square knots actually). Again it's probably quite self-explanatory from the photos, but I just hope the little description helps :)

Possible Tools
- Piece of thread of your choice
- Scissors
- PVA Glue 
- An untied completed bracelet.

Measurement I used
- 12 Inches


1. Take a piece of thread/material of your choice + colour - Mine was about 12 Inches, I think it's a little easier to manoeuvre with a longer piece of string.   

 2. To begin the Square/Adjustable Knot, arrange the two ends of your bracelet parallel to one another, and then lay your piece of thread underneath the ends.
 3. Take either side of your thread (I chose the right side here) and cross it over both strings, westwards - creating a right loop.
 4.Take the other side (Left Side here) and lay it on top of the right-sided thread, heading southwards.
 5. Continuing with that same piece of thread (left side), place it underneath both ends of the bracelet, pointing Eastwards - a left loop is created as well.
 6. Pull that same piece of string through and over the right loop.
 7. Taking both ends of the thread, and pull in opposite directions

 8. Here's one completed square knot.
 9. Now repeat steps 2-7 on the other side. So if started with the right end of the thread, now start with the left, and visa versa.
 11. A picture of two complete square knots :)
 12. Complete as many square knots as you wish. After reaching the desired length, before pulling tight on your final square knot, place some PVA glue over the doted area, you can then finish off your final knot. 
 13. Cut off the excess threadd
 14. Now you have a bracelet with an adjustable knot! :)
I hope that was useful/clear enough :)

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