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STK London Experience - Cheap Cocktails and Steak || Life as a Petite


This post is a little late in the sense that they no longer do this offer, but I just wanted so share my experience at STK London, and what an amazing experience it was: a three course meal that consists of a meaty sized steak, and free cocktails for £30 per person? Yes please!

J and I heard about this deal via email from Bookatable so I'd definitely recommend subscribing to their emails to see what good offers are on. 

STK is located on the Strand with Temple being the closest station. On the website it says it is a five minute walking distance, but because it was cold, windy and rainy when we went, it seemed as if we were taking five steps forward and one step back ;p So it was nice to finally go into a warm place, and my first reaction of STK was that it was a pretty snazzy place. We had made a reservation for 18:30, and it was a good job we did because not long after we'd settled down the place started to fill up pretty quickly. 

STK London Experience || Life as a Petite
The walls here seem to be giving off some optical illusion effect hash

I actually quite like the decor of this restaurant. It's cozy, snazzy, and modern at the same time. 

Random picture of the table setting - I just thought the knife was really cool!
If you're looking for a place to hang out with friends and have a delicious meal, I'd definitely recommend STK.  There's a real lively buzz about it, and is definitely a fun place. Probably not the best place if you want to talk lots though, as it does get pretty noisy;p

I wish I had a better camera as I don't do the place and food justice with these pictures. I cannot describe how seriously amazing and just completely scrumptious the meal was, especially the steak, oh my gosh, it was mouth is watering a bit haha. But honestly, it was really delicious and just great value for money as usually high quality steak is either reaalllyyyyy expensive or just insanely tiny. Also the chips, which were in this really cute pan, were also very yummy. Being a massive kid though, guess what I had for dessert?...Candy Floss! You'd probably call me insane for eating it, but I wasn't too keen on the other two options, and I hadn't had candy floss in absolutely ages:p

I also loved my cocktail, it was sooo nice. I had a cheeky sip of J's but wasn't so keen on that one :p

Hennessy Vsop, Cointreau, Pineapple Juice, Passion Fruit
I can't quite remember which one J had, I think it had
Elderflower in it but I might be completely wrong 
Starter: Crumbed Pig Cheeks
Starter: English Smoked Salmon
Main Course: 500g Fillet Tail
Main Course: Parmesan Truffle Chips
(How cute is that little pan?)
Dessert: Cold Chocolate Fondant
Dessert: Rose Water Candy Floss & Marshmallows

Here are just a few other random pictures that I took while we were out. These lanterns were placed outside the hotel where STK is situated, and I just thought it looked very cozy, and warm especially as it was freezing outside. 

I'm not quite sure what this building is but it is very imposing and quite grand. If anybody knows what this is for, I'd love to know :)

And this last final picture is just a typical London road photo, with the London Eye in the background. However many times I see the London Eye, I just can't stop thinking how pretty it is. But then again it might just be me having a slight obsession with lights ahah:p

I hope you liked this little post, and would definitely recommend going to this restaurant. I'm definitely going to go again as I just want to have more of the steak :p

Have a good weekend! Hope the lovely spring sun comes back out again :)

Take care and speak soon!

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