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Cigarette Trousers | Outfit Inspiration #30 (Business/Work)

(I'll be travelling from 29 July so I am really sorry for the lack of updates! But I can't wait to show you all the pictures when I get back! Take care and speak soon :))


How are you all? I hope you've all had a fantastic week! First, I'm glad you guys liked the Oreo Browie recipe and for those who made it I hope it tasted even better than it looked! Second, I just wanted to thank Emma from Essays and Wine for nominating me for "Best Up and Coming Fashion Blog" at the Bloggers Blog Awards! I never thought I would be nominated for something like that, and am just so flattered to have been nominated in the first place. Thank you so much not just for Emma's love but for all of my readers! I really appreciate all the feedback and love you give me :) If you're interested in voting, you can vote HERE but honestly a nomination is already more than I could have ever asked for!

Anyway this week I am sharing an outfit containing something I never thought I would wear: Cigarette Trousers/Pants as an alternative to usual suit pants. I have worn the 'traditional' suit trouser before but didn't really feel that they were very flattering on my body type, and definitely looked as though I had invaded my mum's wardrobe. Like always, for anyone, especially petites finding trousers can be difficult so it was ages before I found these. They are actually slightly too long at the trouser leg but I can alter that quite easily. Unfortunately these exact ones have sold out but you can find alternatives on ebay here.

Black Cigarette Trousers Business or Work Outfit Ideas lifeasapetiteBlack Cigarette Trousers Business or Work Outfit Ideas lifeasapetite

Of course I couldn't pair a business/work inspired outfit without my trusty black heels and prada look-alike bag, which I have also featured in my Channelling Rachel Zane post. I think these cigarette pants paired with some pointy black heels makes for a formidable and professional looking outfit. Who says you can't be stylish in a business environment? 

As it was my first time trying these kind of pants, I wanted to wear something a bit more simple on the top, just so I wouldn't be drawing too much attention to myself:p A plain blue shirt is the perfect way to keep a look more toned down without being too dull. It really is a fantastic alternative to the classic white or black shirt!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, I'm really sorry that there aren't as many pictures or the post is a little short! Packing has been on my mind the past couple of days as I am going travelling for just over month on the 29th eek! So excited! But it means that I won't be able to post for the next month :( I hope you guys will wait for me to get back, and if you're interested you can follow my travels on Instagram (! 

Shirt: Primark
Trousers: Ebay 
Bag: Ebay // HERE
Heels: Ebay // HERE

What do you think of cigarette trousers or even wearing suit trousers to work?

 Until next time! Take care, speak soon and have a fantastic summer!

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  1. your pants are so chic, love them with the shoes



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